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March 2018



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Health Update

Despite all the recommendations for Family Medical Associates they were not taking any new Medicare patients so I had to go with Guthrie Medical Group.

My new doctor is Valentina V. Galyanova, MD. I had my first appointment this morning. She has a slight Russian accent.

Going to a big medical group like this is very different from Dr Van Doren's small practice. Guthrie Medical Group has their own lab and Mammogram facilities. I have to go back next week for the mammogram. Having a woman doctor is different too. Dr Van Doren was always telling to to see a gynecologist (which I consistently avoided doing) Dr Galyanova just told me to hop up on the table so she could take a PAP smear. (She did ask me if I "wanted" the PAP smear, after a brief conversation we both agreed that no one "wants" a PAP smear but if I had to have one now was as good a time as any.)

She refilled all my prescriptions and gave me antibiotics and an inhaler for my cold. I also got a nebulizer treatment while I was there (it was like smoking a hookah).

In Other News:
I seem to have drowned another phone. I will look around and see if I have a spare that will take the chip. If not I will have to buy a new phone. Anyway currently I do not have access to my phone


I have a phone I believe works well, except for a broken exterior display, which should work with your chip. By strange coincidence, it looks remarkably similar to the first phone you drowned.
I found my old Go Phone which is a Motorola, same as the Tracfone, so one would think I could just switch in the card, but no. The Go Phone wants a "subsidy password" I have no idea what that is. And Tracfone does not accept the Go Phone's IMEI, it is "not in their database"
OK, we should be able to go to AT&T together with my old phone and your SIM chip and get my phone unlocked.

Go Phone wants a subsidy password because the phone's cost is subsidized by AT&T. As such, you can't use it with non-AT&T providers until it's unlocked...

Strike that, Wikipedia says:

TracFone service is limited to TracFone-branded handsets (all TracFone handsets are pre-programmed by the manufacturer, therefore, the handset is locked including its latest GSM models). Other GSM handsets will not accept TracFone SIM cards, even if unlocked. Additionally, on most handsets, some features like USB and Bluetooth have been crippled by the manufacturer to prevent direct transfer of user files. Photos can be downloaded from and uploaded to phones via MMS only and custom ring tones must be purchased from TracFone. Address book data cannot be uploaded and must be entered manually on most models.

So if you are using TracFone and not Go Phone, you are locked to their handsets, and are somewhat SOL. My old ohone won't work, either, even if unlocked.
Well, that sucks.

I will have to talk to my parents about this.
I meant to respond to your post about a doctor. I used to go to Guthrie and I really liked it. My doctor is not there anymore I dont think. Dr. LeFace. I didnt really like her that much but did like some of the other docs and one of the NP's alot. It was a good place.
Goddesss I HATE pap smears.... *shudder* I have had my peach poked so many times by a doctor this year that I dont want to see one for a looonggg time.
I have only women doctors now. I figure if I am going to have someone look at me it should be someone who has a peach. I would not take my car to someone who doesnt own one...but that is just me.
I love that you call it a "peach". The PAP smear was a bit embarrassing but not painful.
It sounds like having all those services in one place is convenient. Hope you get on well with your new doctor.