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March 2018



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the look

I Hate Tracfone!

Never buy a Tracfone!

According to FedEx they came by once yesterday and twice today. I might have had headphones on yesterday but I was sitting in the Kitchen, by the front door waiting for them today I never heard them.

Well, I picked up the package at their office so that problem is solved. But now I have to deal with Tracfone!

The old sim card won't work in the new phone. I went to the web site and tried to turn on the new phone with the old phone's number (which was a choice on the menu) but it won't let me activate the new phone until the new phone is activated!

I hate Tracphone! When I dropped my old AT&T phone in the washing machine I just bought a Go Phone put in the sim card from the other phone and was good to go the same day. With Tracfone I have to order their special phone, wait a week, and argue with their web site!


it won't let me activate the new phone until the new phone is activated!

Gawdz, I hate Catch 22s like that! I had problems contacting the ADP about my missing COBRA material because I needed the account number from the nonexistent material to access their site or type into their phone. I finally reached an insurance rep from my old company who gave me the cheat codes to reach a real human being.

I'll pass your info about Tracfone to my sister. She's interested in getting a pay-by-use phone, and I'll tell her Go Phone is better. Does AT&T also offer pay-by-use phones?
What's the advantage of a Tracfone which made you go with that instead of a new Go Phone?
My Dad chose it and my parents are paying for it.