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March 2018



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"Legend of the Seeker" part II

I hate being lectured in fiction. Stories that lecture are so bad at it. The moral keeps being contradicted by the actions. The Seeker is supposed to be an example of freedom but he is fated to be the Seeker so even though he thinks he is free he really isn't. They should just let the Seeker do whatever he wants since whatever he does is destined to defeat Darken Rahl. The whole Fate thing negates any of the issues of Free Will.

I had hoped that Darken Rahl was a male Confessor. That would make sense. But some of the people close to him really hate his guts so he can't be a Confessor. But Darken Rahl is a real hotty.

Confessors are really creepy. I can see why people are afraid of them. They are just too powerful.

And if love deprives people of free will doesn't that mean love is bad?

Why does the Seeker insist on leaping into battle chest first? Someone should just tilt a pike and impale him.

The costumes are still very pretty.

If Emma's power effected her husband because it is activated by love then she must not love her children because her power didn't effect them.

They keep saying that the Seeker and his Confessor can't have sex because then he will care more about her than his "mission". But he already cares more about her than his mission.

Torturing a Mord'Sith seems redundant.

Doppelgänger episodes are good for comic relief. Especially if you think of them from the actors point of view. When I suspend disbelief and look at them from the character's point of view they are not as funny. but the actors are clearly having fun playing against type.
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This is why I couldn't get halfway through the second book. The religious connotations, compounded by the "Our Way is better, so THERE!" attitude of that female group who had to keep killing themselves for not convincing the Seeker to come with them, seriously turned me off.
The first season is only the first book. And there weren't any women killing themselves over the Seeker in the first season. Killing yourself seems stupid way to fulfill a mission.

I did notice a bit of "It's Ok if We do it" in the main characters.

I'm not fond of the Wizards rules. They are not profound or helpful.
Like I said, second Book. I have the first three and they're bloody thick, so I can see how one would take up a full season of television (why oh why?)

Spoiler for the book, there's what amounts to a nunnery sending teams out to convice the Seeker that he HAS to come with them and learn the proper way to do things. There's four in the team and when they find him, one approaches and says "You need to come with us." He says "No". She turns to the other three, apologizes for failing in her mission, and stabs herself. Seeker-boy is then ordered to bury her, as it's all his fault she's dead. He buries three of the four and finally agrees to visit. That was where I stopped reading, I was too offended to go on.