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March 2018



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Weekend Update: babysitting and eating.

I went down to my parent's on Saturday. I had diner with them and set up my dad on LibraryThing. I'm going to have to learn German to catalog all his books. I also helped my mom a bit with her netflix account.

My mom gave me her oldest copy of the Joy of Cooking. The page with the print information is missing but I think it is 1951,2 or3 edition. It's got some really amazing things in it, "meat loaf" is two words!

You know how in an index there are headings then sub-headings indented underneath them? In this book there are double quotes in front of the subheadings to indicated the missing word from the heading. I had no idea indexes used to look like that!

Then I went over to the Serverson's. We stayed up way too late.

Sunday, Wolf and Queenie went to see "Inglorious Bastards" while I watched the children. I have not baby sat in many years. They are delightful children and didn't give me any trouble. But I ran into some problems. Whenever I took my eyes off The Cuteness she got into something. Like smearing paste all over the dinning room table and her chair. But when I paid attention to her she did nothing. I gave her some crayons and some paper and she spent half an hour moving the crayons, one by one, from one side of the paper to the other, without drawing on anything.

I had not asked what I was to feed them for lunch and since they had not done their weekly shopping yet there wasn't much to choose from. I ended up giving them carrots and celery. Which I know is not a proper meal. If I was used to caring for children I would have done a better job. But they were still alive and uninjured when their parents returned, with food. The Cuteness was very hungry when she woke up from her nap so she got a peanut butter sandwich immediately. Which meant she was not hungry for dinner an hour later.

Dinner was wonderfully marbled steaks, with Wolf's personal mix of spice rub, cooked on the grill; salt potatoes; green beans; and chocolate cake for desert. It was Wolf's Birthday dinner.

We had left over potato home fries for breakfast this morning. And they gave me an extra jar of paprika they had purchased accidentally. Now I can make Hungarian Goulash for dinner this week.


You did fine!

Alive and uninjured and the house still standing is really all one can hope for with a babysitter. Oh yes, and untraumatized children, which leaves itself open to definition.

I was surprised at how much The Cuteness DID eat. Half of her meat and she did try the potatoes and the beans.

But what really threw me all weekend was how you pronounce "paprika". It is so very different then how I pronounce it, every time you said it, I had to stop for a second and process the word in my mind.

Re: You did fine!

Thank you. I think the "untraumatized" was what stopped me from just doing whatever I thought best. Children are *so* particular about things and they tend to assume that everyone knows the "right" way to do things. I remember Emma berating me for not preparing canned tomato soup properly.

About the Paprika, don't you remember the weekend when K corrected me *every* time I said it until we caught her mispronouncing something? I know that people pronounce it differently but I can never remember which one they use (pa-PRE-kə, or PA-prē-kə).

When I watch Doctor Who I don't even recognize their pronunciation of Omega (ō-MAY-ga vs. O-mā-gə) and Himalayas (him-ə-LAY-əz vs. hə-mäl-yəz).

Re: You did fine!

Rest assured my children are not so particular. ^_^

I don't remember that particular weekend, but it sounds like K.