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March 2018



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Death Note, Zombies, FaceBook

These are just some of the things I have been thinking about.

FaceBook polls seem to skew to the right. It makes me feel like I don't belong there. Which got me thinking about conservatives.

I was having a long rant to myself about the Cons and how they have been destroying everything I hold dear for the past thirty years. They are sort of like rabid animals, except we can't shoot them because they are human. Which makes them more like Zombies. You can't reason with them, they are trying to kill us, and they are contagious. I wonder of this recent craze for Zombies is more popular in the Left than the Right?

Part of the reason Liberals don't just shoot Cons (the way Cons shoot us) is that violence just breeds more Cons.

So what we need is a way to kill Cons without making them feel threatened. Like the Death Note (A Japanese story about a book that causes people to die if you write their name in it). So I started thinking what I would write in the Death Note book:
Dick Cheney: massive organ failure
George W. Bush: choke to death on a pretzel, while reading "Goodnight Moon" alone in his study.
Karl Rove: fatal stroke (he really need to go)
Sarah Palin: accidentally shoot herself with her own gun during photo op
Alberto Gonzales: brain tumor
Glen Beck: seizure during rant
Bill O'Reilly: heart attack during a rant
Rush Limbaugh: oxycodone overdose while having sex with a boy prostitute in the Philippines.
Rupert Murdoch: heart failure due to cocaine use
Sean Hannity: stabbed by a tranny hooker in his car
Ann Hart Coulter: overdose of amphetamines
John McCain: quietly in his sleep (he's not really a bad guy, but he still needs to go)
Elizabeth Cheney Perry: Killed by a drunk driver


If you're a conservative, you have to fear things that are either not your concern or hurting you in any way.
Well, the study I linked too said that the conservative positions were not related to the particular fear i.e. thinking about their own mortality caused liberals to be against gay rights.

We are never so small as when we are preoccupied with ourselves.

You do realize there are children that have been suspended/expelled for having Death Note knockoffs? ^_^
No. I did not realize that.
It's a good thing I'm not in school anymore.
Ask Wolf about his friend Jim. Jim used to plan how to destroy the school, and make napalm at home.
Oh, I've heard about Jim. "Freaky pyro" I believe was the term used.

Yes, sadly, Death Note, while a truly brilliant idea, is seen as a form of youthful domestic terrorism. But remember! Conservatives support domestic terrorism if it's focused on liberals and progressives! Join the Right Wing Fringe movement and be cheered at town hall meetings! Does NOBODY remember McVae? *sigh*