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March 2018



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Writer's Block: Do you see psychics in your future?

If an online psychic warned you not to leave home, would you cancel plans to attend a party? Would you refuse to date someone with a clashing astrological sign? In short, do you believe?

I would not trust an online psychic or any psychic who was trying to make money off me. I have lots of friends who do divination and I would be more cautious if one of them had a premonition. Most the psychics I know tell me more about the past and general things about my personality. I've never had a Psychic give a straight forward warning.

I'm an Aries and I tend to like other Aries. All my problems with Aries arise because we are stubborn, opinionated, and tend toward absolutism.

I tend to like Leos but there is conflict of dominant personalities there. Joel is an Leo and I lived with him for years.

I do not remember having a close Sagittarius friend but I don't have any problems with them. I have had friends who were Sagittarius so it is possible for me to get along with them.

I do OK with Capricorns, Virgos, and Tauruses. One of my best friends is a Taurus.

I think my best bet is a Libra. I have a natural affinity for them.

There is not much hope of a relationship with an Aquarius, they drive me crazy. Which is odd because they are an Air Sign and I should get long with them. It might be related to why I get on well with Earth signs. I just need a bit more stability to balance me out.

I have had good relationships with Geminis, although those are problematic. Lynne is a Gemini and you know how that went.

It is possible for me to get along with Cancers. And J, who I lived with for 10 years, is a Pisces.

I would never date a Scorpio, I just can't get long with them.


> Is a cancer and loves my Zahde.
I was thinking about you. I remembered that you are conflicting sign, but I always forget which one.

All the Cancers I know feel more "earthy" than "watery" to me. Strong like the Ocean I guess.

I love you too.
Queenie: Is an Aries
Wolf: Is a Virgo/Leo cusp
IDK: Is an Aquarius
Cuteness: Is an Aries

So how do you explain that? ^_^

BTW, we all love you too and IDK is bugging me as to when you will visit and read to him again.

That makes perfect sense. I don't know why I don't think of you and Cuteness as Aries. I usually make a big deal about my Aries sistren.

Leo/Virgo and Virgo/Libra work well for me.

Just being an Aquarius explains a lot about IDK. Most of what seems like behavior and attention problems are probably just being an Aquarius.

I think a lot of my problems with my family come down to being the only Fire in the family with two of everything else. My mom is a Virgo/Libra, there are two Libras, a Cancer, a Capricorn, and a Scorpio.

I enjoy reading to him. I was thinking that I could come down a couple of weeks before Samhain to carve pumpkins (we could do several small one's for the porch rail) and maybe go over some of the ideas from the book on Family rituals.
Pick a date and I will procure the necessary gourds for mutilation...I mean, ritualistic carving. ^_^

(As for the Aries thing, I'm two days off the Pisces cusp and I think that figures into my makeup in certain ways. Cuteness, though, is firmly an Aries. She's already displaying a healthy temper when she doesn't get her way. We actually had to shoo her into her room last night so we could continue a conversation)
Both of you are born in March. I tend to fixate on April. But I can totally see the Aries in the Cuteness.

I'm thinking the weekend of Oct 16-18 would be good. Then the pumpkins can sit out for a bit.
*checks something*

Oooohhh. I just realized. IDK was born January 20th. He totally cusps Capricorn/Aquarius.