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March 2018



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talking sense

"I think you might be confusing tyranny with losing."

Reading over 10 Lessons for Tea Baggers I noticed that the people who are clinging to these lies about Obama are the poorest and and least educated. They are clearly acting out of fear. They perceive Obama as a threat even though his programs will actually help them. It could just be racism but that seems like a an easy answer to me and I hate easy answers.

It looks like a Satanic Panic to me (I really recommend you read this book). Basically, our culture is changing: young people don't have the same prejudices/"values" that their parents do they are more liberal (so racism is part of that). But also the economy is changing: people are loosing their jobs. The poor and uneducated feel under attack from forces they don't understand. They "want their country back". A black man as president is an easy focus for their fears. But it is important to understand that the fears don't come out of racism. The focus/target of their fears is a black man because of racism. But the root of the fear is social change and economic loss. They feel powerless (because they are powerless) and they see people who don't share their values gaining power (Muslims, homosexuals) so they yell "Fascism!" and "Tyranny!". That is the root of all Satanic Panics.


Very astute.
Thank You
Well, I wanted my country back when Bush was president, but that was mostly my response to his high-handed treatment of civil liberties.
Some Con on the radio was trying to explain the crazies at the Town Halls by saying they were frustrated and didn't feel heard. I've been frustrated and not heard by the US government my whole life. I don't go to public meeting and scream nonsense.

See, we know were are right and even though the Cons have controlled the government for the past 30 years, our values are still prevailing. They are paranoid because even though they have all the big money and the power on their side they are still losing. It has to be some vast conspiracy!

Ironically it is big business policies that are causing all the social changes that the Cons hate.

Feminism is not what caused the rise in divorce and women working outside the home. I wish it was. But women work outside the home because all the work we used to do at home (precessing food from raw materials and making clothing) is now done cheaper in factories. And the corporatizing of agribusiness was the death of the large family. Families are economic units. Without a financial reason to stick together people drift apart.

And without family farms or child factory workers children are no longer economically valuable so there is no economic incentive for men to oppress women. Which in our culture leads to acceptance of homosexuality. (In Ancient Greek culture homosexuality was a form of male bonding that supported the oppression of women. In our culture homosexuality is seen as a form of treason against the patriarchy.)
Remind me never to use Occam's Razor on you. ^_^

Although "simplest" isn't always "easiest".

I would add to your analysis that Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh and most of the other conservative pundits out there are neither poor nor poorly educated. What, then would drive their fear, for I do believe they are incredibly fearful. Is it as simple as racisim or as complex as social change?

"For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong." H. L. Mencken

I love Occam's Razor. "Racism" just doesn't explain the evidence.

Ideology is not what drives people. People are driven by economics and make up the ideology afterward. Racism itself is based on economics. How can be it be "racism" when people are calling a biracial president and a Gay Jew "Nazis"?

There are two types of conservatives: the rich ones who know how to look out for their own profits and poor ones who are just afraid. It has been proved that people become more conservative when they are afraid. Conservatism is reactionary, it is a desire to return to the past or maintain the Status Quo.

Most of the pundits are doing it for the money, but they are also social conservatives. They see their values losing the culture war and they are feel oppressed and afraid. I explained it in more detail in my reply to sillymagpie above.

Re: "For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong." H. L. Mencken

Conservatism is reactionary, it is a desire to return to the past or maintain the Status Quo.

My college political science 101 prof used nearly this exact definition for conservatism (actually, he said Conservatives preferred the status quo to change, Reactionaries felt change had been bad and desired to return to the past, liberals preferred change to the status quo, and progressives even more so.)
Don't rule out greed and the pleasure of power. These are very, very wealthy and powerful men now. I don't think fear on their part has much to do with it. Yes, I'm cynical but by god, I've come by it the hard way.

And onother thing...

I understand that "social change" can be as much of a hand waving non-answer as "racism".

But the Satanic Panic theory deals with a particular type of social change that is rooted in an economic shift such that there are changes in means of subsistence that result in changes in social values, without population migration.

Re: And onother thing...

Wolf has an interesting point, but we'll wait until we see you. He's made it clear he can't talk to you online and I don't want to start something. ^_^