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March 2018



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reject reality


One problem I have with remembering dreams is that I don't realize that they are dreams until later.

I just realized that this morning I had a dream about sleeping on moss. It was very realistic at the time.

I was buying bags of plants and potting soil and trying to make a living bed out of them. At my parent's house. There was also a part about the neighbors and trying to catch a bus.

There were also some other women... and boats, lots of boats. And a city scape where shapeshft had bought a ladder truck for working on her boat but it (the ladder truck) was very big and tipped over. I was camping at some sort park with a beach. We went swimming, the women I was camping with and I. It was part like the beach at Taughannock Falls State Park and part like my recurring dream landscape of a Pagan festival.

This dream was less like a movie and more like how I experience life.


That's interesting. I really like beds of moss and have considered making one to sit or lay on. It would likely be so wet nobody would actually want to sit there, though.
Moss in my experience is fairly dry. But I will admit to a limited experience.
Some of it can be. But it depends what it is and what it's growing on.

There is one kind of local moss called "Mother-in-Law's Seat" because it looks really soft (like a mounded cushion) but it acts like a sponge and so if you sit on it your ass will be soaking wet. ;)
It occurs to me that it actually was damp in the dream. But I get night sweats so my sheets get damp sometimes anyway. That might have been what was going on.