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March 2018



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"Heroes" and "Lie To Me"

Watching these shows it occurs to me that the reason humans can't read minds is the same reason we aren't naturally good at telling when people are lying to us. There must be a a survival value lying, in being able to deceive others. I briefly considered if there was a survival value in being lied to, but I can't see one. It's much easier to see the value in being able to lie. I believe Robert Aubrey wrote some stuff about lying in nature (technically, it was more deceit that actual lying). Some people are better liars than others. And some people are better at seeing through lies. People who could read minds might be better at catching liars, but they would also catch a bunch of chatter. Knowing what people are thinking doesn't really tell what you they will do. But people who can hide their true intent have a definite advantage. So, the ability to cloak one's intent has more survival value than the ability to see through people.


lies and intent

Although I don't watch either show, I understand where you are going with this. Regarding *being able to catch a lie* - I am more inclined to think that a "skill" vs a "power" would be more beneficial, since you wouldn't get the excessive chatter. Sort of like in "The Mentalist." He can read body language vs reading minds. I've never been a good liar, nor have I ever been good at deception. Some of us are just open people, who share all of ourselves with others. We are the ones who end up being taken advantage of....or being lied to. No survival value here, but it does make us great friend material! :)

Re: lies and intent


Do try watching "lie to me" it is based on the science of micro expressions and body language. They use real photos of public figures to illustrate their observations.

I think being open and honest does have survival value in long term cooperative situations. Having a reputation for honesty is better than having a reputation for dishonesty, over the long term.