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March 2018



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Dinner at New Delhi Diamond's

B took me and K to New Delhi Diamond's for dinner.

We started with a Mango Lassi for me and a Salt Lassi for him. I love Mango Lassi!

Then we ordered the Diamond's Assorted Veg Appetizers: Vegetable Samosa (pastry filled with spiced potatoes and peas), Vegetable Pakora (Vegetables fritter prepared with chick pea flour and spices), Bread Roll (Fritter covered in bread cubes and fried), Paneer Pakora (homemade cheese battered and fried) and Papadam (Paper thin and crispy lentil wafer)

And Diamond's Assorted Non-Veg Appetizers: Chicken Tikka (Boneless chicken cooked in butter, yogurt, and red sauce. Looked just like Tandoori chicken), Meat Samosa (pastry filled with minced chicken), Chicken Kabab (battered and fried chicken strips), Chicken Pakora (spiced and deep fried chicken fritters), and Papadam (Paper thin and crispy lentil wafer). I love papadam!

B ordered a plain Nan: Famous Indian bread of superfine flour baked in the traditional clay oven. I had Diamond's Nan stuffed with lean lamb.

Form our main dishes B ordered Aloo Sag: fresh spinach cooked with potatoes, seasonings, and spices. I had the Malai Kabab: boneless marinated chicken in a cream sauce. and K ordered the Chicken Kashmiri: boneless chicken simmered in a delicately spiced sauce with nuts and cream (on our waitresses recommendation). it all came with Rice Pulao: Basmati rice cooked with peas, cumin seeds, and rosewater

K does not like curry or spicy food so we were trying to convince her she would like some of this. At first she didn't like her Chicken Kashmiri which came in a orange sauce she thought was too spicy. So I offered to trade her my Malai Kabab which was basically chicken in cream sauce. But she changed her mind and ate her Kashmiri. Much to the waitress's relief, she had offered to pay for it if K didn't like it.

B wanted desert. He ordered the Rasmalai: soft homemade Indian cheese soaked in thickened whole milk. K had the Pista Kulfi: homemade ice cream with almond pista. And I had the Mango Kulfi: homemade ice cream with Mango.

I love Kheer: famous Indian dessert made with rice and sweetened milk. But it is usually on the buffets so I have it then. next time I might order the Gulab Jamun: deep fried balls of homemade Indian cheese and dry milk mix in sugar syrup. I have not had that in years.