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March 2018



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goddess and god

Writer's Block: A rose by any other name ...

How did you choose your LiveJournal username? Is there an interesting story behind it?

Sheherazahde was the magickal name given to me by my High Priest at my first initiation. I liked it but I didn't have many opportunities to use it until I came online. Because I choose an unusual spelling it has come in very handy, no one else uses that spelling and I can use the same name for any site that allows 12 character user names.

Scheherazade (pronounced /ʃəˌhɛrəˈzɑːd(ə)/), sometimes Scheherazadea, Persian transliteration Shahrazad or Shahrzād (Persian: شهرزاد Šahrzād, Arabic Šahrazād), is a legendary Persian queen and the storyteller of One Thousand and One Nights.

She is also a popular figure in Persian feminism. For every night she stayed alive she saved another woman's life.


Oo! Ooo!

My LJ name is the last name of a character I created for a semi-mystical romance novel I was working on in high school. She was the main female and she was half-Sioux. The name came from a Vision Quest she did after recovering from a freak attack by a mountain lion that left her face scarred. She was also a passible singer. It was a typical "old flame comes back" type story, starring an ex-boyfriend, with a guest appearance from the Moon Tiger of Chinese mythology and my brother. I was also lucky that Bloodsong was available when I went online in college.

Later on, she morphed into the Queen of Mercia in the online game Freelance Keep, and that's still her most current incarnation. I have a few pictures of her done by a good friend and a doll made by a former Keepster.
craig139 has been my IM and email username for a while. Oddly enough, it was supposed to be craig149. 1:4:9 is the ratio of the sides of Tycho Magnetic Anomaly 1, also known as the Tycho Monolith. The 139 was a typo that stuck.
That's fabulous, as a user name and a magickal name both.

Mine is card 14 - ie. temperance. ^^;; Not the card that represents me the best (at all), but my favorite and the one I'd like to learn to reflect more.
Ah! Very nifty! My username is sillymagpie because Maggie sounds a bit like magpie, and I've had people use that as a nickname for me. Also, magpies are related to crows, my totem animal, and they both have silly streaks. I share the magpie attributes of chattiness and enthusiasm for all sorts of unusual and pretty ("shiny") objects (and subjects). :-D