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March 2018



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Girl Genius!

I'm all caught up on Girl Genius.

Does this count toward my 50 books?

Lots of people recommended this to me but I resisted it in spite of liking "Myth Adventures" and XXXophiles.

It is nice to read the whole thing in a couple of days instead of taking eight years to read it as it came out.

B and I were talking about it. But because he has been reading it as it came out he had forgotten a lot of things.

I was upset that Lars died. B didn't remember who Lars was. Since he died on December 15, 2006. Although that was just a few days ago in comic time. B though Lars was the old friend of Gilgamesh Wulfenbach in the current story. I thought the old friend he meant was Ardsley Wooster Gils manservant and British spy. But it is more likely he meant Tarvek Sturmvoraus the Storm King heir.

I said I like the short haired blond and would like to see more of her. I meant Sanaa Wilhelm we haven't seen her since she left Agatha in the kitchen (and her hair is pink). B thought I was talking about the blond dominatrix Von Pinn a construct we first met as the governess of the child hostages in Castle Wulfenbach.

Right now the story is in the middle of a battle with Otilia who appears to be one of the Muses with the mind of Castle Heterodyne

You can catch up on the current cast and the Castle Heterodyne inmates on the girlgenius.wikia


Otilia, within the past couple of weeks (which is about 2 minutes in story-time... long battle sequences told in 3 pages a week, with each page covering maybe 6-10 seconds of action, lead to long stories), explicitly denied that she was a muse, and claimed that she was the Castle Heterodyne.

In my rereading from scratch, Agatha is currently on board Castle Wulfenbach and just declared fealty to the King of Cats.
"Otilia..explicitly denied that she was a muse, and claimed that she was the Castle Heterodyne."

Which is consistent with her being the body of the winged muse with the mind of Castle Heterodyne.

"just declared fealty to the King of Cats."

I'm surprised more wasn't done with that.
It's entirely probable (as is seen with other constructs) that Agatha has implicit control over him. He may be the King of Cats, but she's a Heterodyne.