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March 2018



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I Bought a Neti Pot!

It's mostly bloodsong1's fault but I'm a sucker for peer pressure and B&K have neti pots too. I breath fine (while I'm awake) but I have my mother's chronic nasal drip. We could always tell if mom had worn a particular sweater or jacket because there would be tissues tucked in the pockets.

I picked mine up at Wegmen's this evening. It is a cheap plastic one from the Himalayan Institute

I can't get Jace Everett's "Bad Things" out of my head
here is the official video for the song.


Let us know how well Neti pot works and do you know any other good songs? I'm getting that one for my phone!
I like lots of music

How about this one?
Praising the value of something is NOT peer pressure.

Peer pressure is coming over to someone's house and saying "I'm going to make you watch this! And you need to be drunk!"

Even when I wrote that I was thinking about how you would respond.

I deeply believe in free will. So when I say my actions are someone else's fault, unless they literally held a gun to my head, I'm joking. I know that I am responsible for my actions.

That said I disagree with you about what peer pressure is. Technically coming over to someone's house and saying "I'm going to make you watch this! And you need to be drunk!" is peer pressure because it is pressure and it is from a peer. But it isn't what I think of as peer pressure because it is direct intentional pressure between two individuals.

I believe that for it to be peer pressure it needs to be from multiple individuals, and indirect.

If one person comes up to a friend and says "do this with me" that isn't peer pressure. But if one person looks around and sees that several of their friends are doing something and does it to fit in, that is peer pressure. No one suggested that I should buy a neti pot. But you gushed about yours and and then I found out that B&K have them too, so I got one too. That is peer pressure.

So, you watching "Zardoz" and getting drunk was not you giving in to peer pressure. It was you indulging a pushy friend.
Ok, I'm going to disagree on that. Peer pressure CAN be one person saying "Here, you have to try this." because "peer" is both singular and plural. One kid handing another kid a joint and saying "Wanna hit?" and the second kid agrees because he wants to be seen as "cool" is, to me, on par with the girl who buys a mirror for her locker because all of her friends have one in their lockers. A difference in causal form, but the same basic reaction.


We're going to disagree on this, aren't we?

yes :-D
Right! My, what a lovely melon hat you have!
It's actually some kind of citrus most likely a Pomelo.

I've been thinking about our "disagreement". I conceded your point on a technicality ("pressure from a peer" is "peer pressure") and you agreed to my point (the pressure doesn't need to be direct) so we actually agree... even though we still hold different positions. :-)
*GASP* We agree while holding different positions!?! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!?
I Know!
doo doo doo doo [Twilight Zone]
I don't think I could use a Neti pot. I'm not sure how the flushing out is done, but I can only imagine I would wind up with water all over everything, considering I'm a klutz.
It was surprisingly easy. And since you are leaning over a sink getting water all over the place isn't a problem.

You fill the pot with one cup of warm salt water.
Lean over a sink until you face down.
Tilt your head to one side so you are facing sideways. (The instruction book emphasized that your forehead should be level with your chin.)
Open your mouth so you can breath.
Put the spout to your top nostril.
Tip the pot.
The water will flow into the top nostril and out the lower one.
You can breath through your mouth.

If your forehead is higher than your chin the water will flow down your throat.

I was surprised how easy it was.

My only problem is a tendency to breath out my nose, which makes me feel like I can't breath.
Hmmm. Let me know how it works out in the long run.