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March 2018



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"Idiocrasy" (2006)

I finally watched "Idiocrasy" starring Luke Wilson as an underachiever who is sent 500 years into the future where he is the smartest man on earth.

In the beginning of the movie they explain why stupid people out-breed smart people. It's pretty simple. Smart people take parenting seriously and stupid people just have sex without thinking about the consequences. But I love how they illustrate it.

I was a bit worried that this would be a really stupid movie with nothing but crude humor. But it was really quite gentle. There is some crudeness. But there has to be, because the future is full of stupid people who think farts are the highest form of humor. They drink sports drinks instead of water, and watch nothing but violence and sex on TV. Which is a commentary about our current culture.

Not a brilliant commentary but it pokes gentle fun at us.


It sounds a bit like "The Marching Morons." I wonder if that was its inspiration.
I was thinking that too. And "The Little Black Bag". Except in those stories there were still some smart people around running things.
I remember a Bloom County cartoon where the characters were wondering why there were not more intelligent people finding and creating things as much these days? Then they were shown watching Gilligan's Island! LOL!
I loved those stories. C.M. Kornbluth, if I am not mistaken. And yes - there was a small percent of the population with genius level IQs. Would you buy THAT for a quarter?

"Would you buy THAT for a quarter?"

Well, there is always going to be a small percent who are smarter than everyone else. In "Idiocrasy" Luke Wilson's character was average by our standards and a genius in the future.

It's not as if we really have a handle on what intelligence is.