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March 2018



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Back From REAF

I spent the weekend with phoenixmedusa at the second annual Rochester Erotic Arts Festival. I spent the festival sitting behind the information desk. I walked around the exhibit once on Sat and once on Sun. The art was really fantastic this year, even better than last year.
I particularly liked Chris Maher's Photography
Michael Berkowitz has some very iconic images.
Bev Gelfand's Art Dolls are adorable.
Allan Teger's Bodyscapes are delightfully whimsical

Rauncie posted pictures on her Facebook

I like sitting behind a table at a festival. It makes me feel involved. I get to talk to a lot of people, and I don't have to stand or walk. As it is, my knees hurt today, just a sort of dull ache when I'm not even standing up. And I have developed a pain in my hip. That started last weekend when I was visiting the Seversons, but it looks like it will part of my life now.

Sunday The Beast come down to the show for a while. We caught up a bit. She has been having a hard time. She has not been well, and her medications caused kidney failure.

After the festival closed she took me out to the Old Toad Pub. It's funny how much of the food at this "traditional British pub" is Indian. I ordered the Yorkshire pudding. I have tried to make Yorkshire pudding at home without success. It was nice to see how it is supposed to turn out.


Kidney failure! I hope she's better than that now.

I shouldn't have looked at the menu; I don't have a reason to go to Rochester any time soon (at least, not in a way that would let me go to the pub).

Good heavens! I'm glad to hear she is well enough now to enjoy the Festival. Please send her hugs from me!