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March 2018



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Boobquake and "Skeptics"

Jen McCreight compares her Boobquake action to the homeopathy overdose by the Merseyside Skeptics Society.

First, taking an "overdose" of homeopathic remedies to protest their sale is like defiantly eating vegetables to protest PETA. It just doesn't make sense. Any homeopath will tell you that you can't overdose on homeopathic remedies, unless you are a diabetic.

Second, a "skeptic" is a person who has doubts. Someone who is certain is a fundamentalist. The Merseyside Skeptics Society are not skeptical about homeopathy, they are certain about it. They have the faith of fundamentalists.

I support the Boobquake because I support freedom against tyranny.

By demanding that women "dress modestly" to prevent earthquakes Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi wants to force his beliefs on others. By protesting the sale of homeopathic remedies the The Merseyside Skeptics Society are trying to force their beliefs on others. If you don't believe in homeopathy don't do it. No one is forcing you.


"Second, Are you allowed to define what a "witch" is, or by calling yourself a witch do you mean to state that you use magic to harm others? If the former, why can't the modern skeptical movement choose the definition of "skeptic" to use for their purposes?"

I'm really surprised you went this way.

First, the word "witch" was morally neutral before Protestant Christians re-framed it as demonic. And survived in that morally neutral way in such terms as "Water Witch" and "Wort Witch". So I'm just going back to the root usage.

Second, I have no problem with people defining their own terms as long as they are clear about it. If you want to use the word "skeptic" to mean "someone who is sure of the falsity of other people's beliefs" that is fine with me.
If you don't look to see how they define themselves and impose your own definition, then you don't get to complain when others do the same to you.
Their definition does fit their action.
Then what do you think their definition is? And for that matter, what actions are they allowed to take meeting that definition? Or are skeptics not allowed to be politically active?
They can be politically active and Muslim clerics can denounce immodest behavior. I just won't support them when they do.