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March 2018



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Ups and downs

I acomplished almost everything I set out to do last night.

I made rice, squash, and green salad for dinner last night. And I made spinach, rice, and cheese casarole for dinner tonight. The dishes are all washed and the leftovers are aall put away. And I watched K-PAX (It was OK. A bit slow at first but it got better toward the end)

The only thing I didn't do was go shopping for more milk, medicine, and protean powder, or drop off my rent check.

Today is my long day because of the Home Owner class. I woke late, with both knees sore and had to rush through my morning routine. I only cleaned one cat box. And I didn't do my walk. I have been irratable and out of sorts all morning. I hope things start picking up.



I had the worst morning too! For reasons unknown nothing would go right ... then I got an eyelash in my eye that caused me to be late and miss my bus ... I was a half an hour late to work and am still cranked up!
I am still sick, but apparently well enough to work as long as I don't have to move much.

Dinner was wonderful last night. I didn't check to see if there was casarole in the fridge or not; either discovery will be fine.

I am going to go straight home after work, as I have no energy. I was going to buy more Dayquil and cat litter, but I just want to be home. I will change the really-bad cat box before I go to bed tonight.

Hope your day got better.


There is left over pork in a Fluff container on the top shelf.
Half a squash in one of the Wendy's salad containers. Or you could order out. My class doesn't get out till 8:30.

I hope I'm not coming down with what you have.

Re: Dinner

Me, too! Eccanacha! Zinc! Happy thoughts! Bunnies! Hummus!