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March 2018



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The Interview

blaisepascal What book do you most wish more people would read, and why?

sheherazahde I have really given up on thinking books will have the same effect on other people that they had on me. I can't think of any book that it would do any good to make everyone read. "Spiral Dance" maybe.

BP: What do you like most about the area you live in? The least?

SZ: Most- the liberal culture. Least- It is a toss up between the lack of Pagan community and the high cost of living. I think I will go with high cost of living.

BP: Of all the people you've been friends with who have passed out of your life, who would you most like to reconnect with, and why?

SZ: Linda and Sylvia, my friends from college, to make sure they are OK.

BP: Where would you go to visit, if you could?

SZ: My cousin Christina would like to see me. I would really like to see Giovanni again. And I really need to visit Barb I miss her. I hate to travel.

BP: Why did you decide to create your own branded Wiccan tradition?

SZ: So I wouldn't be alone. So I could attend rituals that were done right.

BP: When putting on pants, do you zip then fasten, or fasten then zip?

SZ: It has been so long since I wore pants with zippers. I think it was zip then fasten.

Respond to this message with a comment saying "Interview Me!", and I'll reply with 4-6 questions for you to answer in your own journal -- with a request like this one. Now won't you feel special?


Oooh! Oooh!

Interview Me!

Re: Oooh! Oooh!

1. What are your feelings about your relationship with your father?
2. As the only active male priest in the Ithaca Pagan community do you feel a responsibility to be participate in community events?
3. Are you growing spiritually?
4. If you were to die suddenly tonight what would you most regret not doing?
5. If you could redraw the boundaries of New York state what shape would you make it?

Re: Oooh! Oooh!

You still haven't replied to the questions. nudge, nudge. (notice I didn't say "answered")

I'll Give it a Try

Interview Me!!!!!

Re: I'll Give it a Try

1. Who are your closest friends right now? And how often do you talk to them?
2. What is the activity that gives you the most joy right now?
3. Where do you spend the most time and why?
4. If you knew that if you devoted yourself to any one occupation that you would be guaranteed to be successful at it what would you choose?
5. If you knew you were going to die in one week would you be able to max out your credit cards in that time? What would you buy?

Re: I'll Give it a Try

Re: love to talk about myself

1. If you could wave a magic wand and live in your idea world what would be different?
2. Why do you like zoos so much?
3. Why do you seek out news that upsets you?
4. If your house caught fire what would you take out?
5. If you had to eat one crayon out of a box of 64 what color would it be? And why?

Re: love to talk about myself

stuck on the bandwagon ;)

Will you interview me please?

Re: stuck on the bandwagon ;)

1. Which of these is most important to you in your life: spiritual enlightenment, sex, popularity? And why?

2. Would you rather think you were smart but really be dumb or really be smart and think you were dumb? And why?

3. What has been the biggest diapointment in yoyur life?

4. What is the greatest experience that exceeded you expectations?

5. If you could pick the day of your death when whould it be?

Re: stuck on the bandwagon ;)

I love you anyway....

Even if you are anal. :-)

Please please please make it official and interview me, that I may do this properly.


Re: I love you anyway....

1. I know Mowgli is the feral boy from The Jungle Book. How did you get the name Mowgli? And why do you keep it?

2. What is the greatest accomplishment of your life? Is there anything you hope to do that is even better?

3. What was your best experience with drugs or alcohol? Your worst experience? (don't answer the second if it is too painful)

4. Whom do you admire most? In what way does that person inspire you?

5. You suddenly become telepathic, and can see through the eyes of others and enter their most private thoughts and desires. What is the best way of making money out of this?

Re: I love you anyway....


Now that I have followed the proper form...interview me?

Re: Ok

Sorry for the delay.

1. What do you like best about your life? least?

2. What if anything is too serious to be joked about?

3. If you could know any one thing about your future what would you like to know?

4.If you were guaranteed honest responses to any three questions, who would you question and what would you ask?

5. Do you have a favorite toe? Which one and Why?

Re: Ok