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March 2018



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"Knowing", "Jumper", "Push"

"Knowing" (2008) Starring Nicolas Cage. A science professor receives a fifty year old list of numbers that predict major disasters Most of which have already occurred but three that in the near future.

You would think this would be a movie about predicting the future and preventing disasters. But it's a philosophical story about whether life has meaning. I significantly rewrote the Wikipedia Plot section. In doing so I discovered that there was character who the movie could do without entirely. At two hours some people complained the movie was too long. Without this one character it might have been a half hour shorter.

Anyway, I had to read the plot page before I finished watching the movie because the suspense was killing me. Once I knew what was going to happen I could relax and enjoy it. The philosophical aspects are quite interesting. They are deliberately vague about some major plot points so that the audience can decide for ourselves what is really going on.

"Jumper" (2008) is about a young man who can teleport and the group of people who want to kill him because of that. If I could have any superpower it would teleportation. I would love to be able to get anywhere I wanted to be instantly. I hate traveling.

This was a nice romantic action movie. The author of the books worked on the screenplay. Some people complain that the movie has little in common with the books. The author says that is because the books would have made a very boring movie. The books are about how you can't solve your problems by running way from them (or by killing people. The author recommends that you try therapy instead. Oh yeah that would make a great movie). The movie is about a young man trying to date his high school sweetheart while a secret organization is trying to kill him.

I rewrote the Wikipedia plot section on this one too. For a long time I have assumed that the convoluted sentence structures on wikipedia pages were the result of non-native speakers doing their best with a foreign language. But I have decided that I'm over estimating the intelligence of the general public again.

"Push" (2009) Staring Chris Evans and Dakota Fanning. About a world where lots of people have psychic powers. It's sort of an espionage action movie set in Hong Kong, everyone is looking for a missing suitcase and threatening to kill each other. Dakota really shines. In the DVD extras they have one of the real "Men who stared at goats" talking about real life psychic experiments.

No one should write about precognition until they have read The Penelope Bailey series by Mike Resnick. It is the best treatment of the subject I have ever encountered. Don't mess with Precogs!

Of course you shouldn't mess with anyone who can make you see things that aren't there, or believe things that aren't true either. But that is fairly straight forward compared to what Precogs can do.

I think the movie underestimates what telekinetics can do too. If you can levitate a gun you should be able to just crush your opponents heart in their chest.

But it's a fairly good action adventure. Never a dull moment.


Oh my TY so much, I totally forgot about Jumper....need to watch that.