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March 2018



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Personal Update

My right hip has been giving me trouble. It hurts, a lot, sometimes when I sit down, or when I stand up, or when I try to adjust myself in the car. Sort of a screaming pain shooting out from my hip joint. It is NOT bursitis, there is no surface pain. I think it is Arthritis of the hip joint. I got my doctor to refer me to a physical therapist at the gym I go to. So I have been doing water therapy in the pool. As opposed to just splashing around in the pool on my own.

My hip was acting up this past weekend. And Sunday I had a problem with my knee. I stood up and something didn't shift right in my right knee. It hurt to bend or straighten my leg. It only stopped hurting when I held still. That made it very difficult to walk. Have you ever tried to walk without bending your leg. I felt like The Mummy dragging my leg around. I massaged it for a while and it straightened itself out.

I'm glad I had my aqua therapy today.

I made a quick stop at Wegmans to pick up some pills and they had Beef Heart for $1.69/lb. That is a good price. They had beef tongue too but it was $5.99/lb. For that price I could buy a good steak. I made beef heart paprikash. It is very good.


::hugs:: for the problems with the knee and the hip. I have some problems with my hip "catching," but my knees have been behaving pretty well lately.
The knee issue sounds what I was going through with my knee before my surgery. I had a torn meniscus with a flap that would move into the joint, locking it up and causing lots of pain. I had to wait until it shifted out of the joint before I could move easily.
Thanks for the input. I mentioned your theory to my physical therapist. Because my situation improved very quickly with a little bit of massage, she thinks it was just the knee cap getting out of alignment. A torn meniscus does not go away so easily.