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March 2018



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Craig Ferguson and Columbo

24 Nov 2010 episode of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson was just posted to the CBS web site. The guests were Dwayne Johnson and Paula Deen. Dwayne Johnson is a handsome man and he has great sense of humor. Craig makes a lot of gay jokes and Dwayne was very comfortable with his sexuality.

Paula Deen is a hoot! She and Craig were flirting like crazy and her accent is so cute. She reminds me of my friend phoenixmedusa. phoenixmedusa's accent is much milder than Paula's but listening to Paula talk made me miss my friend.

I have been watching Columbo on Netflix. There is only around 6 episodes per season and I'm up to season 4. It struck me in the first season that Columbo is a bit sadistic, playing a cat and mouse game with the killers. By season 3 he has developed his MO of getting the killers to collaborate in their own downfall by constantly prompting them to explain discrepancies, and some of the killers actually go insane. He acts so dumb he lures them into a sense of superiority and they condescend to answer his first simple questions. But they have to keep coming up with more and more convoluted explanations and they keep thinking that they can control what conclusions he will reach. I remember as a child I just wanted to yell at them to stop answering his questions. They were just digging themselves in deeper and deeper. Season three had Mickey Spillane as a novelist who gets murdered, Johnny Cash as a musician who kills his wife, and Leonard Nimoy as a surgeon who kills a nurse.

I'm surprised I like Columbo at all. Some times the stress of anticipating their capture is too much and I just can't watch.


I love Craig Ferguson, he's a tremendous flirt.