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March 2018



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Pot Roast!

Yesterday was busy.

I had to get up at 6:30am take my car down to get the winter tires put on. I realize that that is a normal time for many of my friends to get up. But it is closer to when I go to bed most nights. Then in the afternoon I met up with my book club. The young man was back, which I was glad to see. I feel bad about how angry I got at him last time we talked. Unfortunately, we had another very lively argument this time. Not as bad as last time. I didn't feel as emotionally upset this time. Just frustrated. There is something about his talking style that wont let me disengage. I think he deliberately cultivates engagements. which should be a good thing. But he says such crazy things that I can't just go along with him. Some of the women in this group say really crazy things and I have just let it slide because there is no point in challenging people's fundamental beliefs. But that is what I end up doing with him. I'm not sure why. Except that he keeps locking eyes with me and saying these things directly to me, so I don't feel I can stay out of it.

Anyway, that was so frustrating it drove everything else out of my mind. Luckily I had a shopping list so I was able to go shopping afterward. Wegmans has whole hams for $1.99/lb and bulk pack of chuck roast for $2.88/lb. I cooked one of the roasts today with Wegmans mushroom soup for gravy.

I was driving home, still ruminating on what we had been talking about in book group when B called and asked why I hadn't picked him up. I had agreed to have dinner with him and watch Tron, but had totally forgotten. Luckily I was still downtown, so I just swung over and picked him up. We had dinner at Garcias which I always enjoy. And watched Tron.

There is a rumor that Disney has been making Tron unavailable in preparation for Tron Legacy. It was fun re-watching it. Yes the special effects are corny, but they were cutting edge for their time. B said the dialog was bad, but I've heard worse and there wasn't much of it. I did giggle a bit at the "as you know Bob" exposition dialog. And I couldn't stop giggling about the stupidity of putting a work station right in front of a laser.

B complained about the plot. But I thought the plot was OK. The bad guy, Dillinger, built a program, Master Control, which is a self programing AI (although nobody seems to know that but him). Master Control is supposed to control all other programs, and it breaks into other networks and takes them over. It has gotten out of Dillenger's control and is trying to take over the world. Alan has written a program called Tron, that protects against invasive spyware, like Master Control, but he is locked out of the mainframe before he can activate Tron. He rightfully blames Dillenger for this. Meanwhile, Alan's girlfriend Lora and the founder of the company Dr. Walter Gibbs are building a laser that can turn real objects into digital information. Fynn, a genius hacker, has been trying to break into the mainframe to find evidence that Dillenger stole the video games that Flynn wrote. Alan helps Flynn break into the mainframe to get his evidence and take down Dillenger. Using Lora's laser, Master Control turns Fynn into a program to bring him into Master Control's world where he can torture him, because Master Control is an Evil Villain and evil villains can never just kill their opponents. Inside the computer Flynn meets Tron and they have an adventure where Tron completes his mission and destroys Master Control. It's a perfectly good plot. All the motivations are clear, good triumphs over evil.

I'm glad I'm all caught up so I can watch the sequel.

Today was a recharge day. The monthly dinner party I have been going to in Syracuse is today, but I'm not up for it. I'm full of pot roast and just want to snuggle up at home.