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March 2018



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lunar clock

Happy Solstice!

Happy Solstice!

I was very excited when I heard that there would be a Lunar Eclipse on the Solstice. Unfortunately that isn't really true. The lunar eclipse was this morning. It began at 1:33 am EST with the best time to view at 2:41 am and 3:53 am EST. It ended at 5am EST. The Solstice will occur at 6:38 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST).

By the old Celtic reckoning the day starts at sunset, so 1:33 am this morning and 6:38 pm this evening are two separate days. The eclipse happened last night the solstice happens tonight. Right now is Solstice Eve and tomorrow is Solstice Day.

The news made a big deal about the moon turning red, but that is normal for an eclipse. At least, the eclipses I have seen in the past were red.

I live in Ithaca NY, so the sun set for us at 4:30 pm today. Last night was very brightly lit and I expect the same for tonight. Because of the full-ish moon the longest night will not be the darkest.

I plan on staying up making cookies and crafts as I usually do on the Winter Solstice. I have already lit my Solstice candles.

I will also read a few passages from "Hogfather" by Terry Pratchett. A tradition I recommend to all my Pagan friends to remind us of the meaning of the Holy Day.


I hope you enjoyed yourself and it's nicer having a calm, quiet holiday. The overblown xmas thing is such a mess....I always encourage people to get gift cards and just buy their own.