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March 2018



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Holiday Update

It's snowing today. The flakes are big and fluffy and it is so windy they are sometimes falling up!

On my way to my parent's there was a house with a lot of Christmas lights in the yard. That house also had a 2' tall sign on the lawn illuminated with a flood light that said "BELIEVE". Only a Christian would do that, and that does not say anything good about Christians. If I lived across from those people I would be tempted to put up a giant flying saucer with a rim of flashing Christmas lights, and a sign that said "I WANT TO BELIEVE". A sleigh with Santa and reindeer would also work with an "I WANT TO BELIEVE" sign. Someone already thought of that.

I didn't get many presents this year but that is ok because I don't really need or want much of anything. My mom got me a couple of books I asked for. My aunt Susan got me a set of graduated glass bowls for cooking. That was cool because I would never have thought to ask for such a thing but they are very nice and will be useful. Gina got me a new Tavern Puzzle to add to my collection. It was a difficult one and took me most of the evening to solve. Fran sent dried apples and homemade jam. Cousin Christina sent me "Twelve-Way With Cheese" a comic anthology featuring a dozen Greater Cincinnati illustrators. She is in it! That's cool. I like it when she sends me stuff she and her friends have published. IDK gave a copy of "How To Train Your Dragon" because he got a duplicate.

I can't think of anything else right now. It's cold here. I think I will go snuggle under the blankets.


hoping it doesn't snow too much this weekend :(
I gave you food! I realize they weren't wrapped, but I did consider them gifts.
I'm sorry. Yes. You did give me gifts of food. Thank you.

Since the only gifts I gave people were homemade cookies I do not discount gifts of food.
*Feels Loved*
If only there was a way to get out of bed and keep your blankets with you....
Hmm... if you fold over the blankets and stitch up a couple of the edges....

You would have invented clothing, or perhaps the slanket or the Hudson Bay Blanket Capote or if you are really lazy a chiton or a Great Kilt

Edited at 2010-12-28 04:00 am (UTC)
Just reading about snow makes me think 'Not want !' Keep warm. And don't bother about those who think that ppl ought to believe something cuz they want ppl to.
Thank you. I don't really enjoy the cold, and I have developed a great fear of falling on the ice. But I appreciate winter for keeping the bugs down.

I'm not really bothered by evangelicals, I just think about things a lot, and religion is a particular hobby of mine. This particular display was very tasteful really, I have seen very tacky displays. It just got me to thinking that even though there was no indication what we were being exhorted to believe I could think of no religion but Christianity that would inspire such a display.

Modern Atheism is the only other religion around here that puts up signs exhorting their beliefs, but an Atheist sign would say "Doubt" or Question".
Don't fall on ice. Ever. I've done it 2 times out of 3 I've been on ice :/ Stupid me.

The one time I was in US, one day a very pleasant looking, well dressed, polite gentlemanly man handed me a little Bible while I was walking by him on the road. He was handing these out to ppl. It was kind of sweet, really :D Since I already have both the old and the new at home, I gave it up to a friend who is Christian by religion before I left USA.