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March 2018



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Happy New Year!

Well, the weekend was more of a party than I expected.

It didn't start off well for me. I had been putting off emptying the car. The old TV was still in the back seat, along with recyclables and returnables. And then there were the two boxes of stuff from Christmas. I meant to take care of all that but I didn't. I finally just gave up and drove down to Vestal with a car full of stuff I didn't need and just my Bi-PAP machine and the cookies I had made (no change of clothing, I was only staying one night anyway).

Dinner with my parents went well. I had fun hanging out with Gaby. She had brought a doz fresh oysters from Boston and had to shuck them herself. That is not a fun job. But the fried Oysters tasted great. We also had fresh Boston baked Haddock for dinner. Pat and Larry came over and we had a nice visit. I had such a good time talking with Gaby I didn't leave till 11pm.

When I got to Bloodsong1's place they were watching Alien. Not a good choice for a bunch of sleepy people to watch late at night. Midnight passed us by and we started falling asleep in the living room. So we stumbled off to bed.

The next morning I slept through breakfast and missed the cheese blintzes, but Bloodsong1 heated up a nice bowl of her delicious beef stew for me. And there were plenty of bagels and cream cheese. Then I started feeling sleepy again in the afternoon so I took a nap. It was almost 7pm when Bloodsong1 woke me up. At that point staying another night seemed a good idea. We still had plenty of food and alcohol, and I had missed most of it the previous night. So we started mixing drinks and cooking again. We had samosas, potato blintzes, and Baked Brie En Croute with Raspberry Jam for dinner. This time we watched half-hour comedy specials instead of a dark horror movie. That kept us awake until midnight. But we are getting old and went to bed then.

This morning we had French toast, cheese blintzes, and potato puffs for breakfast. I was B's ride back to Ithaca, so I took advantage of him. I needed to stop by my parent's again so I asked B to take the summer tires out of my trunk and put them in the garage. Then when we got back to Ithaca I got him to bring all the heavy stuff up to my apartment for me. He was very nice about it and I really appreciate it.

I feel rested, but this weekend was way too carb loaded with all the bread, pastries, cookies, potatoes, alcohol, and fruit juice.

I plan on doing some sort of low-carb cleanse in the coming week. And getting back on the stepper as well as the the pool at the gym. I'm in very bad shape.


I'm not fond ofthe movie either & I did my very best to ignore it *rofl*