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March 2018



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Cold and Hot

I could hear the salt trucks on the roads all night but when the sun rose there was only a light dusting of snow. It has snowed more since then. We might actually have an inch.

Last night when I was baking cookies Daisy figured out that right in front of the oven was the warmest place in the house. She usually stays out of the kitchen when I'm cooking but last night she decided to sit right in front of the oven.

I finished up the turkey stock this morning. I have 5 qts. They are cooling in a ice bath in the sink. If I had a porch I could have just put them out in the snow.

I made turkey salad with the meat I pulled off the turkey carcasses last night. I don't usually make turkey or chicken salad. I used the same recipe I used for tuna salad. It was good. I'm running out of bread though. I will have to bake a couple of loaves of Fran's multi-grain bread. I bought the multi-grain cereal it calls for. Daisy will enjoy having the oven on again.


awwwwwwwwwwwwww :) smart little kitty isn't she :)
Smart, maybe. Little, no, not as such.


she's smaller than me so I'm allowede to say little *lol*

awwwwww :)

what a sweet thing to say :)
I would think the warmest place in your apartment would be laying on your chest, right above your heart.
that's such a sweet thing to say :)
Awww =^_^=
Awwww for underfoot kitty.

Is the ice bath for rapid cooling or another reason? Just curious.
It's for rapid cooling. The general idea is that putting so much mass of hot material in the fridge at once is bad for the fridge and an ice bath rapidly brings the broth from "too hot for germ" to "too cold for germs".