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March 2018



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Weekend Reading

I started reading 'A Bear Called Paddington' written by Michael Bond and illustrated by Peggy Fortnum. I can't count it as 'read' because I didn't finish it. It was a bit slow for a children's book.

I also started reading "Life of Pi" by Yann Martel. Barb lent it to me so I will be able to finish it. There is an "Author's Note" at the beginning describing how the author went to India and learned the story of Pi Patel and how he found him living in Canada and interviewed him for the book and how he hoped Pi didn't mind that he wrote the book in first person. Which lead me to wonder if there really was a Pi Patel. Thank goodness I have wikipedia. There was no Pi Patel. It is entirely a work of fiction. I'm slightly annoyed with the author for introducing this confusion. If he had not included that Author's Note I would have *assumed* it was entirely fiction. I'm still reading "Lord Byron's Novel" by John Crowley which is about the discovery of a lost novel by Lord Byron, but did not confuse me at all about it's fictional nature.

I also read several children's books for the amusement the Cuteness and le Dauphin.



they seemed to love being read to- you are a good aunty ;)
Remind me when I am home to send you a link: All the colored Fairy Books are available online.
That does not surprise me. The most recent print editions are Dover and Dover's main business is reprint of copyright free works. They are all on Project Gutenberg.

I don't like reading books online.

"Sir, the fact that a book is in the public library brings no comfort. Books are one element in which I am personally and nakedly acquisitive. If it weren't for the law I would steal them. If it weren't for my purse I would buy them." - Harold Laski