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March 2018



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Song's Party, Parents' Dinner, Home Again

So, I went down to Binghamton on Friday in order to ensure that I would not be late for dinner on Saturday. Song wanted me there by 5pm on Friday night to watch the children while she did a little last minute shopping too. page_of_swords made us dinner Friday night. After we put the kids to sleep we watched some comedy stand-up, and Food Porn with Anthony Bourdain.

Saturday Morning I tried on my new clothes for Song. She decided I should wear the Blue dress. People started arriving around noon. Things got confusing after that. I made a casserole for lunch, and a chocolate cake (well, page_of_swords made the cake, under my supervision, but I made the icing). Song let me hold Sheshanaga for a while. As 6pm approached people realized that the restaurant was only a few blocks away and decided to walk there as a group. Those of us who couldn't make that walk stayed until Song got back from dropping off the kids at their sitter. Some more people arrived and we went to the restaurant.

Number 5 is a very nice restaurant. Our server took good care of us and the food was excellent. We started with Fried olives and Pickles (mixed olives and house made pickles tossed in panko mixture, flash fried with crisp lemon and sage), Baked brie (almond crusted, with: ginger snaps, Granny smith apple slices, and fresh strawberries), and Crispy Fried Calamari (spiced flour, hot cherry peppers, and fra diavolo sauce). Then we had fresh sour dough bread with spiced butter and our salads. I was at a small table with Pooh and J. We all had the Spinach Salad with bacon, egg, & cheese topped with hot bacon dressing. For our entrées Pooh and I had the Medallions of Pork Tenderloin (parmesan encrusted cutlets, pan fried topped with field green salad & herbed balsamic vinegar). J and I had the Gorgonzola au Gratin Potatoes as our side but Pooh went for the House Mashed potatoes. For desert many people had the chocolate layer cake, the whipped cheese cake, or the crème brûlée. I knew that there was chocolate cake back at the house so I didn't. cardxiv gave me a spoonful of her crème brûlée and it was delicious, creamy with a crunchy caramel crust.

Several people had to leave for home right from the restaurant but the rest of us went back to the house. Pooh and I had some cake and people hung out and talked into the night.

This morning people all but finished off the chocolate cake. Then we had scrambled eggs baked in muffin tins, and hung out talking some more. I got Song to bring out Sheshanaga again so I could hold him. She thinks I should get my own snake.

I was the last guest to leave a) because I have no life, b) because my car was parked closest in (see a).

I went to Wegman's to buy a bouquet for my parents for their wedding anniversary. I talked to the woman at the flower shop and made up a bouquet of sunflowers with willow branches and long-leaved eucalyptus. I decided not to get a vase this time because mom hates clutter.

Since my sisters are helping pay for the flowers and a present, I decided the present should be a nice dinner. I started with a triple cream brie, candied walnuts, and Triscuits. The main course was broiled T-bone steaks with caramelized onion and shiitake mushrooms, roasted butternut squash, and mixed green salad with pomegranate blueberry vinaigrette, and a Blue Moon Spring Ale. For desert we had a fresh fruit tart (vanilla cream topped with seasonal fruit in a sweetened shortbread crust). Wegman's makes it easy with all the vegetables cut and prepped, ready for me to cook, and their fruit tarts are very good.

Mom and Dad were surprised and delighted. I set the table all nice and folded up some cloth napkins. Mom took pictures of the food and the flowers, but on film so it will be a while before I can share them.

When I got home I found a note from my landlord saying my toilet had overflown after I left on Friday, flooded the bathroom, and leaked on the downstairs neighbors. The maintenance people fixed the toilet and mopped up the water. I feel a bit embarrassed about that, and the general state of my apartment, but there isn't anything I can do about that now. It's not like I haven't sworn I was going to be a better housekeeper before. I do wonder why they didn't call me about it though. There were no messages on my cell phone about this. Not that it would have made any difference. It's not like I could have come back and done something about it.


It was great to see you! And that was a VERY nice dress!
Thank you.

I really enjoyed the massage you gave me.
Always glad to get ny hands on you! Would you like me to email you the picture oof you in the blue dress?
yes please
Will do.
The menu on the web-site does not match the menu available at the restaurant itself.

For one thing, for the dinner, the menu was pre-negotiated. The appetizers were set (calamari, brie, and fried olives/pickles). There was a choice of 2 salads or soup (the soup was chicken gumbo, the salads were the house tossed salad and a spinach/egg/cheese/bacon salad. I ordered the spinach salad sans bacon). There were 3 entree choices; a pork loin, a filet minion w/ crab, and a risotto (which was supposed to be vegetarian, but came with shrimp). I, and Alan, ordered our entree off of the regular menu. He had veal, I had the entree named "Vegetarian": a risotto with nuts, pine nuts, cherries, gorgonzola, etc. It was interesting, but very filling.

So there is a "Vegetarian" entree, but it's not on the web site.
Buddha answered the vegetarian entree question, so I just wanted to add that this was a Binghamton restaurant not an Ithaca restaurant :-) and it is right next door to the best vegetarian restaurant in Binghamton. So, Number 5 doesn't get much call for vegetarian food.

And we would have loved to see you too.
And if you HAD showed up, I would have added you to my "Dietary Restrictions" list, who had permission to order what was allowed off the main menu, as Bu and Alanus did.