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March 2018



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Visit to Barb's

B an I went down to Barb's Saturday. We stopped at Friendly's in Ithaca for breakfast before we headed out. I have been staying up all night and sleeping in till afternoon all week, so I tried to get to sleep early Friday night, without success. After an hour and a half of driving I was having trouble keeping my eyes open and had B drive the rest of the way.

We had a nice visit with Barb. She made us some tilapia and baked leeks for dinner. After Le Dauphin went to bed we played Ticket to Ride and Pirate Fluxx. I found "Ticket to Ride" stressful. I find all competitive games stressful. Barb enjoyed it even though she had the lowest score. I came in second, B won. I like Pirate Fluxx better. We played two hands of that and I won both of them. The thing about Fluxx is that it is more about luck than strategy. You can make all the plans and strategic moves you want, but in one turn everything can change and someone else wins. It's less stressful for me because I don't feel like it's *my fault* if I loose.

I showed Barb my crocheted Glossodoris Atromarginata and asked if she had any fish tanks she wasn't using so I could build my coral reef in one. She says she has a 50 gallon tank that is not safe for fish anymore so I can have it. With the ice on the ground I didn't feel safe lugging it out to the car. I hope some people can put it in my car for me at Procrastinator's Beltane.

On the way home B wanted to stop for dinner. Since we were driving through Binghamton at 7:30ish B wanted to try one of the Indian places there. B choose Moghul Fine Indian Cuisine. We went to the wrong plaza at first but found it eventually.

It is a very classy place! I ordered my usual Mango Lassi and it had rose-water in it. The vegetable Pakora were not really fritters, more like battered and fried vegetables (potato, eggplant, and cauliflower). There was a new dish I had never seen before called Eggplant Crisp. It was thin slices of eggplant fried until crispy like potato chips, then drizzled with mint chutney and tamarind sauce (Imli chatni), diced onions, diced tomatoes, and shredded paneer cheese. Sort of Indian Tostada. We also got separate bowls of mint chutney and tamarind sauce. Our entrees came with lentil soup, it was hot (temperature not spice) but smooth, with rice but no visible lentils. B had some sort of vegetable balls in a yellow curry. He ordered it "medium" hot. I had a taste of it sopped up with some Paneer Kulcha, their Medium has a slow burn to it. I had the Chicken Saag, mild, for the spinach. It was all very good and I have a lot left over. Our waiter was nice and chatted me up a bit. :-)


This is so totally selfish of me...

But did you check Wolf's tree? The last time I was down there was still 4'+ of snow on the ground and I would've gotten stuck in two steps.
I may have to investigate Fluxx. It sounds interesting.
It is interesting. And you can have a good game with just two people. Although more is better.