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March 2018



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Birthday Plans

My cousin Christina is a Really Hoopy Frood! She is giving me her old iPod Touch 16GB for my Birthday! That is the only luxury item I wanted for my Birthday. (I don't consider books luxury items. Books are necessities.)

phoenixmedusa will be visiting on Saturday, April 9th, to take me to the Peeps ritual in Lansing.

Marilyn and Anne are taking me to Thai Cuisine for Lunch on my Birthday (Monday April 11). Thai Cuisine is having a $6.25 Lunch special this month. Some of the other people from the book group are also coming so if anyone in town wants to join us feel free to drop by.

Then I will going down to Vestal to visit my parents. I will probably spend the night there. Then I try to do some clothing shopping in Vestal. And see if I can drop by Song when she gets out of work.


That is all kinds of awesome. Yay for Hoopy Frood relatives.

Tuesday the 12th? How about lunch?
I should be able to do lunch on Tuesday. When and Where?
There's the Rose Garden, if you want to be girly again. (^_^)

Or there's a nice little sandwich shop across the street called...Corbin's, I believe.

12 would be the best time, as The Boss tends to skip out between 1 and 2 and I need to have the phones covered.

Also, would you be willing to join us on the 25th for Bedroom Moving? I will, naturally, provide gas money.
At least I know where the Rose Garden is and how to find parking there.

Sure I can come down on the 23th (I'm assuming you meant to type 23rd)

I have an idea for a project I want to talk to you about. A history time line. It would be educational, for the children. The idea is to put up a sheet of paper and draw a time line on it. Then whenever the children (mostly IDK at first) learn something about history they can write (or paste) about it on the time line to give them a visual context to history. It would be a long term project. And the only place I can think of to put it is the stair well. You might not like it this idea because it would not be pretty, but it would be educational. And it would not work without your full support. So there is no point in my investing time and effort in it if you are not willing to keep it up. It would also require you getting a working printer so the kids could print out pictures and text to past on the time line. And it would nice if you had glue sticks.

Edited at 2011-04-08 02:01 am (UTC)
23rd? Yes. 23rd. Argh.

I wasn't kidding about Corbin's. It is literally across Nanticoke Ave from the Rose Garden parking lot. You simply turn right instead of left.

I see the value of a history time line. IDK's new room could also work, I think, as he has that nice sloping roofline with nothing to go on it. The only drawback would be, it's up in his room instead of someplace more public. A working printer, ah, there's the rub. The thing worked until the ink cartridges were changed. I have no idea why, but it just stopped talking to the computer after that. Lexmark used to be a reliable brand.

I will have to research printers. Mist is showing much improvement, so I'm sticking out the treatments, which means I'm paying for about three more days over the original estimate. Glue sticks are piled up in IDK's school box. The child has at least 5.