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March 2018



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Better day

It was way to hot yesterday. I was not one of the people complaining about the rain and the cold. I like it cool. I need to bring down the fans from the attic but I'm afraid of the squirles.

Yesterday I had luch with queenmabwords and anabellea. And I gave Queel Mab some old jewlery tools I don't use. (yay decluttering my house)

Then I stayed late at work updating my web page. Work has air conditioning and my boss said I didn't have to leave. yay

Then I went to dinner with skitten and blaisepascal at Wegmans. Dinner was cheaper than lunch and I finally got some shopping done (fruit and yogert). Then we went to Friendly's for desert. Then I went home and chatted with kenshardik for a while. Then to bed to read OotP till 1am.

Still tired from not sleeping but feeling better about life. (I don't know why I'm craving fruit but it helps)



Decluttering is better than sex! ... And where the hell did you get that icon! I am squirming on the floor cackling like a hyena!

Re: Bug

I made the icon from a picture I got here The hamster is in the January collection.

Re: Better day

Haven't been to Friendly's in forever. Some east coast chains need to spread out more...
Hey, I thought about what we were talking about the lady caught breastfeeding a baby that wasn't hers.

Breast milk isn't sterile and could carry HIV, etc. so it would be considered assault, the same as if someone spit on your hamburger.

Breast Feeding

the situation is not exactly what I thought it was

Woman Accused Of Breast-Feeding Another Woman's Baby

POSTED: 3:19 p.m. CDT June 4, 2003
UPDATED: 8:59 p.m. CDT June 4, 2003

STIGLER, Okla. -- The owner of a now-closed eastern Oklahoma daycare is accused of breast-feeding another woman's 3-month-old baby without the parents' knowledge.

Shannon Denney faces a misdemeanor charge in Haskell County of outraging public decency and public morals.

She did not immediately return a telephone call from The Associated Press.

Denney is accused of breast-feeding the baby at Pal's Day School in Stigler in late November or early December, before she bought the daycare.

Assistant District Attorney Ron Boyer said Denney was trying to stop the baby from crying.

Boyer said the baby's mother found out months later when a rumor circulated in the town of about 2,500.

Boyer said the woman then confronted Denney, who admitted what happened and closed the daycare within a few days.

Carol Lewis owns a shop next door to Denney's law office but she is also a friend of both women involved, "I know both families and I know both families are fine people and that there has never been anything done out of maliciousness. If there was anything at all it would have been out of care."

The state Department of Human Services licenses daycare centers, but a spokesman said there is no policy addressing breast-feeding someone else's child.