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March 2018



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"Dare...To Try Kama Sutra" by Marc Dannam

(11) "Dare...To Try Kama Sutra" by Marc Dannam
A LibraryThing Early Review Book

This book has very little to do with the Kama Sutra. The Kama Sutra is an ancient religious manual on the rites of pleasure. It is famous because it deals explicitly with sex. It does describe some sexual positions but it has also has separate chapters on biting, scratching, hitting, and fellatio. It is not just a list of sexual positions. It also talks about relationships, gardening, and interior decorating. How one should live one's life.

"Dare...To Try Kama Sutra" tries to be a list of sexual positions. It is divided into seven sections categorized by the seven Mortal Sins: Envy, Greed, Pride, Gluttony, Wrath, Lust, and Sloth. This annoyed me because the Kama Sutra is about how sex was part of a truly spiritual life. Equating sex with sin is the exact opposite of the Kama Sutra. Then there is the problem of how do you categorize a sexual position with this list of sins? How is a sexual position wrathful or greedy? This how they did it. Envy is positions where one person has more control of the action than the other. Greed is oral sex and masturbation. Pride is activities that require flexibility and stamina. Gluttony is physically demanding, requiring strength and endurance. Wrath is mostly anal sex and other positions where partners don't face each other. Lust is multiple partners, bondage, strap-ons, and sex tapes. Sloth is easy positions that require very little energy. Forty-nine sexual positions, seven times seven. (Although masturbation, using a swing or a hammock, videotaping yourself, bondage, sex toys, threesomes, and orgies are not really positions.)

There are some activities that would work for lesbians, slightly more that would work for gay men, but most are optimized for heterosexual couples. It is straight but not narrow.

There is an excellent bibliography of classic sex manuals at the end and plenty of references to them throughout. Every entry has a clear cartoon style illustration and a clear description of what it is.

This is an overview of the whole "Dare..." line of sex books. Which is not a bad thing. If you are looking for a small book with forty-nine ideas for how to spice up your sex life this it. If you are looking for a modern introduction to the Kama Sutra this is not it.


WTF seven sins in a christian concept, the kama sutra is Indian and absolutely not christian!
Exactly. This book is not about the Kama Sutra. Although it does occasionally quote from the Kama Sutra.

There was quote from the Kama Sutra about how most sexual positions cane be performed more easily in water. But it leaves out the mention that having sex in water is forbidden and must be followed by a month of ritual purification.