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March 2018



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Anxiety about Anxiety

I've been thinking about going back into therapy to help me deal with my anxiety issues. I've never really talked to a therapist about my anxiety, just my depression. But thinking about it is making me feel anxious. (I can see the irony there.) I can tell that I'm anxious about being pushed to overcome my anxiety. I want to feel less anxious, but I want feel good about it. My problem is that for all my life I have dealt with my anxiety by pushing myself to do things I am afraid to do. That is the standard way of dealing with anxiety, do things that make you feel anxious until you get used to them. I don't want to do that anymore. I want to find another way.

I think I will try reading some books before I try therapy again.


I think it's a good idea to talk about both, because in my case anxiety can be a depression trigger.
I suspect my depression has been caused caused by my anxiety (when it is not caused by PMDD). It's just that I only recently realized how anxious I have always been.

There are so many things that trigger anxiety in me, and have since I was a small child, that anxiety is my base state. I didn't know what it was to NOT feel anxiety.
It took me a long time to realize that, myself. When I was in day care, my mom took me to the doctor because of anxiety-induced stomach aches. In looking back, I can see I had a bad relationship to stress, plus a tendency to wind up in stressful situations. (hugs) I hope that your new perspective will help you.
Yeah, I think part of my eating as a self-soothing mechanism is because it soaks up the stomach acid. Another part of it is my insulin resistance and general blood sugar issue. I get moody and irritable when my blood sugar drops. I also get moody and irritable when my anxiety level increases.