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March 2018



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I have been researching Dean and Kucinich.

Here is Dean's Site

And here is Kucinich's Site

Here is a comparison site

Dean is not as Liberal as I was led to believe. When I was reading Kucinich's site I found myself saying "Well I agree with Kucinich, but Dean's position more likely to work because it is much more moderate."

I had never heard anyone suggest that Dean was the prefered canidate because of his moderate stance. If I want to vote for a Liberal I want to vote for a Real Liberal like Kucinich. The only thing Dean has going for him is a better mobilization of the internet community.

So I have decided to help Kucinich http://kucinich2004.meetup.com/

Really people should read "Smart Mobs" by Howard Rheingold


Dream Team?

Wouldn't it be wild if, say, Kucinich got the nomination and chose Dean as his running mate? Or vice-versa?

After talking with Rebecca and reading the comparison link you provided, I'm at least as in favor of Kucinich as I am of Dean. I do agree with what you said to yourself. My only real concern with Kucinich is his recent "switch" from being pro-life to pro-choice. I am starting to have concerns with Dean's position on NAFTA, alternative energy (he drives an SUV!), and gay rights.

(And I've put my money where my mouth is; I made a contribution to Kucinich's campaign. :-)


Well, he got 139360 votes, that is 43.87% of the voters, in the MoveOn.org virtual primary.

And 55507 people have signed up for the Dean supporters MeetUp
only 142 of them in Ithaca.

Re: Supporters

Dean is starting to get more coverage because of his Internet "grass roots" campaigning. I mean, he's raised over $7million in, what, three months?

There was some debate on Fox News and the last question was about Howard Dean. At the very least, that should get some people asking, "Who's that?"

Re: Supporters

Dean is fairly moderate. If he's too liberal for the swing voters... then our choices are Bush or... I dunno, Pat Buchanan?
Thanks for posting that comparison link Zahde! I was going to do something like that for my own edification. I probably still will, but this was a great start. Thanks!


Remember that Bob Harris, who posted that comparison list, is a Kicinich supporter, and has somewhat of a built-in bias. The www.deandefense.org site has an entry dated June 24th that attempts to correct some of the Dean innacuracies and misleading stuff.

For instance, Under Paul Wellstone connection, the Bob Harris site mentiones that Kucinich was the leader of the congressional caucus that Paul Wellstone was most connected with. It says that Dean "stole" the "democratic wing of the democratic party" line from Paul Wellstone. That's pretty negative towards Dean. But it fails to mention that Dean won the first annual Paul Wellstone award.

There are other mischaracterizations there as well. Additionally, there is a lot of nuance in Dean's positions, modifications to existing programs, etc, that Dean feels he has to make but don't come across in the "comparison". Kucinich listed as "supports" when it comes to t he Kyoto treaty, which Dean is listed as "feels we should 'revisit' it, but has 'concerns' about some provisions". What are those concerns? What are those provisions? By the way it's phrased, it sounds like he wants the US to weasel out of its obligations like Bush. If you listen to what he says about the issue, one of his major concerns is that the standards are different (in terms of phase-in and targets) for developing and eveloped countries. Developing countries have 25 years to comply, and more lax targets than developing countries. Dean thinks this will mean that smokestack industries will simply move to developing countries and wreck their environment, rather than clean up. He's like to see developed and developing countries treated alike in the rules, and developing countries get financial assistance in meeting those goals.

Re: Bias

...which is exactly why I'm going to do my own research... Thanks for adding to the raw data..;)