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March 2018



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anger management

Anger Management

I am Very Angry at Marilyn right now.

We had book group today. The last thing the book group did was talk about some of the proposals Margie and I have made to help deal with some of the problems the group has been having. After 15 minutes of discussion Marilyn pointed out that she and 3 other people in the room were not interested in talking about this and didn't really care about the subject at all. So the whole thing was shelved. We are not going to work on solving our problems.

I feel very angry about this. We all agreed that we have a problem. Margie and I have offered solutions. Anne is willing to work on it. Kelly is willing to work on anything we are interested in working on. The three other people in the room were new to the group and probably not be aware of the problem.

I blame Marilyn for sticking her head up her butt and refusing to deal with the problem. If you are not a part of the solution you are part of the problem. If anything goes wrong in the group now I will hold Marilyn personally responsible because she is the one who vetoed dealing with it in a reasonable and responsible manner. If she complains she will get no sympathy from me. It is her fault we are not dealing with the issue now.

I really want to tell her to go stick her head in a pig.