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March 2018



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goddess and god

Names for Tattoo Placements

Song came up for her tattoo from Cesar at Medusa Tattoo Studio yesterday. She got a wolf head tit tat in honor of her late husband.

By now everyone has heard of Tramp Stamps, the tattoos people get on their lower backs. They are also called "Arschgeweih" or 'Ass Antlers'. But what are some other names for tattoo placements?

Tattoos on the skull or under the hair can be called Skull Caps or Skull Tats.  Tattoos behind the ear are Mastoid Tattoos.  Tattoos across the face or back of the neck are sometimes called Billboards or I Don't Want A Real Job.  

A tattoo around the front of the neck is a Necklace but a tattoo on the back of the neck under the hair or collar is a Bevor.  A tattoo across the top of the chest (or even just on the sternum) can be called a Gorget or a Décolletage.  A tattoo on the front of the shoulder can be called a Besagew.  A tattoo on one breast or both is a Tit Tat or a Pec Pic (pectoral picture).  Tattoos on the shoulder blades can be called Shoulder Coasters. (You can have one shoulder coaster, a matched pair or shoulder coasters, or two different shoulder coasters.)  A tattoo between the shoulder blades can be called a Power Point, a Spirit Spot, or a Spirit Trap.   A tattoo across the whole upper back is a Placard or a Yoke.  Tattoos below the shoulder blades or pectoral muscles but still on the ribs are Gill Garnish or Rib Trim

A full back tattoo or a full stomach tattoo is a Mural

An  upper arm shield on the deltoid muscle can be called a Shoulder Shield or a Spaulder.  Spaulders can sometimes sprawl onto the chest and back becoming Pauldrons.   Bands around the upper arms are called Armbands.   An elbow tattoo can be called a Cowter.  A whole arm tattoo is called a Sleeve.  But a tattoo just on the forearm can be called a Brace.   Bands around the forearms are called Bracelets.   A back of the hand tattoo can be called a Panja.  Bands around the fingers are called Rings.  There is a bit of a fad for finger moustache tattoos, otherwise known as the "Fingerstache".  Some people like to get letters or symbols tattooed on their fingers, called Knuckle Tattoos despite the fact that they are usually between the knuckles, on the phalanges.  Most commonly on the proximal phalanges but sometimes on the middle phalanges.  They can be 4x4 (two four letter words), 8 across (one eight letter word), or Double Decker (using all sixteen phalanges.  The distal phalanges are usually too small for this style tattoo.).

We already mentioned the lower back tattoo called the Tramp Stamp.  Tattoos on the buttocks can be called Ass Stamps or Butt Buttons depending on how big they are.   A tattoo on the front of the hips can be called a Hip Check or, if it extends across the pelvis, a Pelvic Girdle.  A tattoo just above the pubic region is sometimes called a Welcome Mat.  

A thigh tattoo is a Cuisse. A Band around the upper thigh is a Garter or Garter Belt.   A knee tattoo can be called a  Poleyn.  A tattoo on the front of the shin is a "Schynbald" or Shin Guard but a design that goes all the way around the calf is a Greave.  Bands around the ankle are called Ankle Bracelets or Anklets.  A tattoo on the top of the foot is a Spat. And of course you can get Toe Rings if you want to. 

I have a Spirit Spot and two Shoulder Coasters. 



Very interesting! If I were going to get a tattoo, I'd want an image of a crow (my totem) in my Spirit Spot. :-)
That sounds cool.

I wish I could afford more tattoos.