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March 2018



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Make Magic

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig.

I went down to my parent's for dinner on Friday, and helped mom out with some computer questions. I also downloaded some music for dad.

Then I went over to Song's and let IDK try on his InuYasha Costume. I made this red outfit for IDK. He is wearing it over his Karate Gi, as is appropriate since this is basically a pair of Hakama (Japanese pants) and a Kariginu (hunting jacket). The pants are open on the sides and tie in the back and the front. They are meant to be puffy on the bottom. I think I should have made them longer to get that effect. The jacket has a modified overlap that is a cross between the normal Kimono front and a round style collar. The sleeves are slit open at the top so the arms can be freed for work like a Kariginu, but the front is short and tucked into the Hakama like a Suikan. But Suikan sleeves are attached to the back and not the front. It is a creation of the artist and not a real traditional Japanese style jacket. See Gallery

This outfit is so much better than any other InuYasha Costume I have seen on the internet. I'm the only one who got both the sleeves and neck line right.
I love this outfit! It is so comfortable! I wish I was small enough to wear it. IDK loves it. He wanted to wear it all weekend, but his mom wouldn't let him.

We had planned to drive down to the Catskills on Saturday. RBD called Friday night to ask if we were still coming down since there was supposed to be a big snowstorm. We said "Tish Tosh! We are not afraid of a little snow. We are coming down."

Song wanted to get on the road at noon. Since there was no pressing time issue I didn't quite understand her urgency and delayed our departure till 12:19. She drove very slowly since it was snowing and the roads were wet and slippery, but we arrived at RBD's house without incident.

There was a lot of snow by then. His Majesty insisted that RBD call Pooh and tell him not come join us. That was too late, Pooh as already on the bus. His Majesty was very upset that RBD had not heeded his advice earlier and forbidden all of us to travel. Now RBD and Song had to go to Monticello and pick up Pooh. His Majesty declared that it was unacceptable for the two mothers of small children to risk their lives in this manner. I piped up that The Little Bear had two back-up mothers and I would be happy to take custody of Song's children. Song and I had a brief discussion about custody issues (visitation with their father's relatives, child support, the mortgage on the house, her life insurance, etc.) Then they left to pick up Pooh. I watched the children while they were gone. The power flickered off several times but always came back on. At one point it was off for several second and I asked that a candle be lit so we would not be in total darkness if it happened again. Several hours later a lot more snow had fallen and they returned. We had a nice dinner and stayed up talking till midnight.

Sunday morning the trees were blanketed with several inches (~8 inches) of snow. It was a winter wonderland. I wish I had taken pictures.

We made Rice Krispie Treat Skulls

Then we had a ritual to honor the memories of our beloved dead.

By the time we left at 3:30pm on Sunday the snow had melted off the trees, RBD's driveway, and the roads. The roads were clear, if slightly damp in places. By the time I got home to Ithaca there was no snow at all. I don't know if it actually snowed here. It did snow a couple of inches in Binghamton.

Today I have nothing scheduled! I have the whole day to myself to rest and recuperate. I love having days to myself like this.


IDK looks half asleep.

We will need to work on his InuYasha scowl. I still say he needs a wig.

I didn't think I was driving THAT slowly. I was certainly faster going down to RBD's then going to fetch Pooh.

And His Majesty is a Jewish Grandmother in a Man Suit.

Ok, I'm done. (^_^)

Re: IDK looks half asleep.

I was not criticizing. Your speed was reasonable given the road conditions.

Yes, he is.

Re: IDK looks half asleep.

I would have been less tactful in describing His Majesty.
I am doing research for my university thesis, thanks for your great points, now I am acting on a sudden impulse.

I love the rice krispy skulls!
Those are crazy festive!