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March 2018



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The rest of the weekend.

After my car broke down on Friday night I had dinner with my parents, their friend Hank and Mika, my sister Gina and her husband David, and David's parents. Over dinner my parents convinced me to spend the night instead of making someone drive over to the other side of the lake and back. My sister Fran and her four children had already gone back to Vestal so there were two free bedrooms.

In the morning we were trying to fit 6 people and all their stuff into 2 cars. So I called Bu and asked for a ride. Kaaren had other plans and didn't want to come get me. But eventually they did. It is a 1/2 hour drive so I filled up their gas tank in exchange. On the way home Kaaren returned my sewing machine.

Then I was stuck at home with no way to leave. I called Rauncie, Marie, and Diane. I never heard back from Rauncie. Marie has a life. And I had been scheduled to go out to Diane's for Waffles on Sunday. She graciously volunteered to chauffeur me both ways so we could still do that.

I made my dad's Hungarian goulash for dinner. It turned out perfect.

Sunday morning Diane showed up right on time and whisked me away. She, Sarrah, and I had fantastic home made waffles with fresh fruit compote, maple syrup, butter and whipped cream; and fruit salad (I chopped fruit while Diane cooked); and fried shoulder ham. Then we went out and looked over the garden. I weeded a row of wax beans and picked the ripe ones while Diane did some other gardening chores, and Sarrah picked flowers for the house.

Diane gave me all the wax beans I picked and half of the fresh baby beets she thinned out. Then she drove me home.

So, Joseph and I had roast beef, potatoes, beets, and wax beans for dinner Sunday. Then Marie dropped by. I had been nagging her to come see our new Dyson Vacuum (BTW check out the Wrong Garden Dayson designed for the Chelsea Flower show) Marie said she felt funny coming over just to look at a vacuum cleaner. So I told her to bring the baby and call it a visit. Marie and I even convinced Joseph to hold the baby for a bit. Joseph and I gave Marie the whole production on how the Dyson works and she borrowed it to show Dan.

Monday morning I had intended to take the bus to work but after standing outside in the rain for half an hour I gave up and called Bu again. He came and got me. Marie said she would give me a ride home and return the vacuum. By 5pm she still hadn't had an opportunity to show the vacuum to Dan so I let her keep it another night. She drove me home and just as she left a thunderstorm started. I ran around closing windows. Marie hadn't even gotten to Community Corners and she had to pull over to wait out the storm. It knocked down trees and took out power lines. Luckily Marie got home safely and we didn't lose power this time.

Tuesday I didn't even try for the bus B&K picked me up and dropped me off at work. Kaaren lent me the use of her car before they left for Starwood.

After work I walked back to K's house and used her key to drive her car back to my house. I haven't driven a standard in a long time it was a bit scary. But I made it safely there and safely in to work in the morning.

My car is fixed now and Marie is going to pick me up after work to help me retrieve it.



Zahde I am so sorry. I have a pile of messages on my answering service that I have not retrieved and I had no idea you called and that your car was broken. I have been sick and just have not been social at all and so the messages have just piled up. I would have been glad to have helped you get around. In the future please please please call me at work if you dont get me at home. I will definetly get the message there.
So is the car fixed now?
Let me know if you need any rides.
I know what that is like...I was without a car for about 6 weeks. I thought I would loose my mind.

Re: ACKKKK!!!!!

No need to be sorry.

I didn't need to be anywhere. I was just bored and wanted company.

You know how it is. When I have a car and can leave any time I want, I prefer to stay home alone. But when I have to stay home alone, I want to leave or at least have visitors.

My car is all fixed now so every thing OK.

I hope you are feeling better.