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March 2018



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Staying Up Late Watching Downton Abbey

I was feeling depressed yesterday. Just free floating depression. It's gone today so it was probably hormonal. That is the really irritating thing about clinical depression, it isn't a response to events. It just happens for no reason.

To cheer myself up I started watching Downton Abbey. I'm quite enjoying it. It is a good example of what the class system is like. We tend to forget about that. Servants weren't just employees they were considered lesser people. So far the plot is a bit like "Pride and Prejudice" - a lord with three daughters has an entailed estate that will go to a distant relative. One of the daughters will probably marry the young man to keep the money and the title in the original line, unless they can break the entail and allow one of the daughters to inherit. But unlike "Pride and Prejudice" there is no discussion of the actual amounts of money involved. That was one of my favorite things about Jame Austin she actually talked about money. The gay footman who likes to have sex with male guests is an interesting twist.

Anyway, I stayed up till 4am watching that then I went shopping at Wegmans. I love Wegmans. Although 4am is not that good a time to shop there. They were polishing the floors, which is noisy, and the aisles were full of carts for the shelf-stockers. But the stockers were nice and handed me things when necessary. I felt bad about bothering them while they were working.


I always described clinical depression as being like random emotional weather. It comes and goes for no good reason.

I keep hearing about Downton Abbey, but I haven't seen it.
Yes, "random emotional weather" is a good description.

Craig Ferguson mentioned that he was watching Downton Abbey and then some of my FB friends mentioned it too. Apparently it is on PBS right now. I'm watching it on Netflix. It's a good "Upstairs, Downstairs" type costume drama.