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March 2018



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Shopping Spree

B called and asked me to join him for dinner this evening. I was a bit concerned about the roads but he seemed to think they were fine. After I scraped the ice off my car the roads did seem relatively clear.

After dinner we went to WalMart to pick up some glue for B's shoes. While we were there I discovered that they have a pretty good crafts section. They have wooden crochet hooks and a good selection of yarn. I can't shop at Jo-Ann's or Michael's because those stores don't have electric carts. It's hard to make a good choice when you can't breathe and are in pain. I was overjoyed to be able to look over the craft supplies from a cart. Now I don't have to rely on friends and internet suppliers. It's hard to buy craft supplies without seeing them. I picked up a nice skein of purple yarn that is exactly the color of squid.

I also picked up cat food, a filter for my vacuum cleaner, a day planner with moon phases, a pair of fuzzy slippers, and a zip flash drive I have been wanting for years. We wandered around for nearly two hours and my cart didn't run out of power. The Wegman's carts don't last that long. WalMart doesn't have the exotic food I like (escargot, imported cheese, foreign food) but for the basic food I need (milk, eggs, oranges, canned tomatoes, spices) they are very good.

I picked up a four-pack of Kozy Shack Flan. I had tried pre-made flan before and not been impressed. The cashier commented that a friend told her that flan tastes like rubber. I assured her that good flan tastes like a creamy vanilla custard with a thin caramel sauce. Garcia's makes a wonderful decadent creamy flan. The Kozy Shack flan was not as creamy as Garcia's. It was not creamy enough to help me swallow my evening pills. The texture was brittle enough for me to check the ingredients for gelatin. There was no gelatine. It wasn't wonderful and decadent, but was OK.


Wait, hon - you bought a Zip drive??? And Bu let you?? I'll kill him.

People are throwing those thing out left & right. They haven't been used since Bu & I were together. I'm shocked & alarmed WalMart actually had them.

I have to be reading something incorrectly.
No you're reading is fine, better than her tech writing ;-).

What she actually bought was a 16GB Cruser(r) USB 2.0 Flash Drive by SanDisk.

But if you are insterested, Iomega still sells Zip Discs, with a pack of 8 750MB ZIP discs (not compatible with Zip250 or Zip100 drives) costing $99. Apparently they are popular among retrocomputing fans, as they are a convenient way to transfer large data between pre-USB machines: old Macs, Amigas, Commodores, etc.
Oh thank the Gods! I feel soooo much better! :-) Available or not to retro-computing fans, I couldn't imagine her using ZIP disks!
Good flan is among the tastiest of things, AFAIC. Right up there with cafe con leche with sugar.