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March 2018



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Busy Weekend. The Cuteness was hospitalized.

I wasn't planning on going to Binghamton this past weekend but The Cuteness was in the ICU because of Asthma complicated by a upper respiratory viral infection. She is home now and feeling chipper again. But I went down Friday to stay with IDK while Song stayed in the hospital with The Cuteness.

Saturday IDK made chicken nuggets (out of boneless skinless chicken breasts) for dinner and Sunday we made Moon Pies. We also did our laundry and watched a lot of TV.

I watched all 26 episodes of Hell Girl. A Japanese anime about the perils of seeking revenge. Very strange. Very Japanese. If anyone else has seen it I would like someone to explain it to me.

IDK introduced me to Magi-Nation. Which is a cute American (I'm assuming) cartoon about a boy summoned to a magical realm to fight evil. The fights are bit like Pokémon. The Magi defeat or befriend magical animals who give them stones that allow the Magi to summon the creatures to assist them in battle. It's based on a collectable card game. Not very deep but they make an effort to teach science, math, health, or life lessons each episode. So it's not all bad, unlike Power Rangers which is just an add for cheap plastic crap.

Song suggested I would like a computer game called Four Elements. Very simple game play. At the beginning of each "book" you have to find pieces of missing objects to restore an elemental shrine and find a key to open a book. Each book contains four mazes you clear by clicking on strings of matching stones. When you clear all four mazes you get an elemental spirit card and have to find the differences between two cards. The Cuteness can play it by herself and she is almost five.

I picked up my new glasses when I got home. I like them. Then I went swimming. I'm feeling productive.


Glad The Cuteness is feeling better! Poor kid.

I've seen a few episodes of Hell Girl, but I have no explanation. You want revenge, you have a doll, you give up your soul. Unfortunately, I have a friend who introduces me to anime series, gets bored and moves on to the next series, so I don't always see the end.
I'm watching on Netflix, so it is easy to watch them all.
I have seen Hell Girl but it's been a long time. I'm afraid I don't remember it all that well.

I'm glad you're watching anime. There really are some great stories in anime. Are you watching English dubs or with subtitles? I have some recommendations if you would like them.
I'm watching on Netflix so we don't get a choice. Hell Girl was dubbed. InuYasha was subtitled. With a dub I can watch on my computer while I do other things. With subtitles I actually have to keep my eyes on the screen, so it is better for me to watch it on Song's TV.

Also with subtitles I can keep the volume low and watch after Song and the kids have gone to bed. With Hell Girl it alternated between loud music and whispered dialog. I would have the volume cranked up as high as it would go just to understand what people were saying, then some sound effect would blast my ears off.

Japanese animation does have more literate stories. They don't treat animation as a children's medium.
I guess you must be streaming netflix if you don't have a choice. Unfortunately their anime selection for streaming is not so great. If you can get the dvds, try Mushishi, the series, not the live action movie. It's very beautiful and feels like it's based on Japanese folklore. Don't know if that's true or not but it very much has that feel. In fact, I sent a copy of it to B but it's unlikely that he can find it.

Another option for your computer is Crunchyroll. I watch a lot of anime on that. It's virtually all subbed and much of it is current in Japan. I subscribe but I think there is a free version as well. If not let me know. They send me gift months for friends every now and then and I'll check into it if you're interested. There is a long series on Crunchyroll named Natsume's book of friends. It's delightful. Actually there are a number of fine series on Crunchyroll in a variety of genres. Again, if you're interested and can get Crunchyroll, I'd be happy to make recommendations.

I've seen anime tackle deep and complex issues more often and better than any other form of fiction. Of course, you have to pick what you watch, just like anything else. Right now we're watching a series where the protagonists are the children of the people who were responsible for the sarin gas attack in 1995 that killed so many people. Not exactly Saturday morning cartoon stuff.