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March 2018



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The Skyline Chili was judged "very close" to the original by people who should know!

I had a good visit with Aunt Susan and got to give Cousin Christina the Fire Lizard I made for her.

The beer cookies were popular. I used Blue Moon Belgian White for the cookies. When reading the label on the bottle today I see that they use orange peel and coriander in the beer. That is probably why orange zest and coriander worked so well in the cookie. My family liked the coriander cookie best out of the three. Song liked the cinnamon cookie and the sweet walnut breakfast roll.

Aunt Susan recommended that I try Beer Bread next, so I will look into it.

I did a lot of cooking this past week. I already told you about the cooking I did before I left. When I got to Song's it was Friday so I made pizza for dinner. IDK asked for salami on his, Song and I had broccoli and cheddar on ours. Then I made Rice Crispy Treats (I had left over marshmallows I wanted to use up). Saturday we grilled a bunch of vegetables and made the Asian Barbecued Beef recipe that IDK submitted to his Home-Ec class cookbook (he got it out of a book at the library and had never tried it). This morning I made scones with The Cutness then Chocolate Chip Cookies with IDK.

That is a lot of cooking. But I don't feel particularly worn out. It was a fun visit. I feel good about the whole trip. I don't think it was because of anything I am doing better. I think am just on an upswing in my cycle.

Song painted my fingernails sparkly pink and braided my hair. It was fun to do girly things. We sat on the couch and did our fiber arts together while we watched "Dirty Jobs">

I taught myself how to do proper crochet. I made a cotton washcloth using "single crochet stitch". I now understand why they hold the hook facing down. I'm going to teach myself the rest of the common crochet stitches as well. Just so I know them. I don't think they will help much with the kind of projects I usually do. The stitch is very open and I don't know how to do increases and decreases with it yet. But it is nice to have more stitch options.

After all the fancy sea creatures I have made I was inordinately proud to be able to make a flat square by following instructions. It is much easier for me to go off on my own creatively than to follow instructions.


Wow, you have been a busy Lady! I wanted you to know the people we gave the sea stars to at CTCA were absolutely delighted with them- thanks again!
I've never had beer cookies, but I'll bet beer bread is delicious, especially if it's a hearty wheat bread.

Your fire lizard is adorable!

The beer bread appears to be a soda bread covered in butter. Who wouldn't love that.

Steak and ale pie?

When we went to England, the Beloved and I became enamored of Steak and Ale Pie. I have a feeling it used to be Kidney and Ale, but with the fortunes of the UK rising at that time, they had moved the meat up the food chain a notch. I have tried to recreate the wickedly dark rich gravy, with no luck. Want to give it a try? I would gladly provide ingredients!

Re: Steak and ale pie?


Found this recipe, and just READING it made me hungry!

Re: Steak and ale pie?

I always thought it was Steak and Kidney pie. Which I have wanted to try making for a while.

I would love to give it a try. The thing about my cooking is that my kitchen at home is set up so I can cook siting down. I have a office chair with wheels that I can scoot around the kitchen in. At Song's house I have Song and IDK to fetch and carry for me. As well as do some of the sous-chef work. I could make it at Song's house, or we could all come over and visit and Song and IDK can do the running and lifting.