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March 2018



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witchy cat

Making dream catchers in a dream

So I had this dream where I was at some kind of event, possibly at a college. I was in a group of people making a giant dream catchers for a pagan holiday ritual, possible Mabon. I remember mentioning at one point that every ritual I was attending we were making these giant dream catchers, and it was like how everyone tends to do the same thing for the different sabbats.

One of the rituals was in a field during the day with lots of people, one was in a gym, one was in a small dark room and was only women. At every ritual we would form a circle and start weaving the dream catcher web. Most of the dream was me trying to thread whatever we were using for the web through the loops, and trying to even out the web.

At the women's ritual one of the women wanted to talk about her feelings before we started making the web. I held her while she talked and cried. Afterward I was walking through the halls where people were going in and out of rooms and having parties and I found her and we talked about how I felt the same way she did.

It was very crowded. At one point I was in a line of people going through a store and there was very little left on the shelves. Most of what was left was made out of glow in the dark plastic. But I found a shelf full of sex toys and bought a strange kind of clamp that looked like a cross between a adjustable locking pliers and a fur lined lobster claw. It came in it's own leather holster. Buddha bought a comic book of illustrations of popular songs that had strange imagery. I recognized more of the songs than he did. He also picked up so other cool swag that I envied, a cutting edge plastic flange that glowed int he dark.

I just remembered an earlier dream where I was traveling by train in a strange Islamic country with two friends and we tried to help some girls and got in trouble with the locals. It ended with us helping to make intricate embroidered quilts that had religious significance, to take with us. The quilts were a form of apology to us for something unfair a holy-man had said. and would help us fit in on our journey. I remember looking at the colors of the quilt and knowing that one of them was for Nightfall and one was for RB Darkly. I could tell from the color patterns. Although they were not the people I was traveling with.