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March 2018



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Supernatural (TV Show)

I'm watching Supernatural on Netflix. I think I saw some of the first season when it was broadcast.

It is pretty good for a 1 hour weekly horror movie. Small children should not be allowed to watch it. It would cause nightmares. I'm not a big fan of horror but I think I have matured enough to not get too caught up in the scary bits.

It has a bit of a Christian Bias. In the episode "Scarecrow" they kill a Norse god. They specifically identify it as a Vanir. It is evil because it requires the sacrifice of a human couple every year to insure the apple harvest. Fair enough, killing people is bad. The episode reminded me a bit of Jeepers Creepers if they had left out the bit about the Norse gods.

There are evil Christians in the series: Preachers who kill people, a faith healer who heals people by substituting other people. But in the case of Christians it is clear that it is the people who are choosing to do wrong, not the fault of the religion. In the case of Scarecrow it is not that these people have chosen to invoke an pagan demon, it is presented that all pagan gods are evil. And that a pagan god can be killed, or at least banished, by destroying it's tree. That is what I find offensive. I wish they would just stick to Christian mythology, and urban legends, and leave us pagans out of it.

Although Native American religion gets a pass. They had a Wendigo and a Native American curse without implying that Native religion was itself evil.