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March 2018



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Medical Week

I had a dentist appointment on Tuesday for some fillings. Tuesday morning I got a call from my doctor's office saying I had missed a lab appointment and had to reschedule it before my Doctor's appointment on Thursday. So I went right from having my teeth worked on to getting blood drawn. But the dentist appointment didn't cover all the work I needed done so I had another appointment today!

I had a different dentist at the same practice today so I was a bit nervous. She used the numbing gel before she injected the Novocaine but the injection still hurt... a lot! She was doing teeth on both sides of my lower so jaw so she had to inject into my jaw on both sides. And both times I screamed (as much as one can with someone's hand in your mouth) and cried. I was absolutely miserable. You would think it would be easier with littler hands but she kept telling me to open my mouth wider (and relax my lips and tongue at the same time. Which is not easy to do) Thankfully the actual work didn't hurt ... much. *sigh* at least it is all done now. She also told me my teeth might be sensitive for a couple of weeks, no really hot or cold food, and no hard or sticky food. I came right home and crawled into bed. I was just too wrung out to face anything.

Now I just have the doctor's appointment tomorrow. Usually that is just routine, going over the lab reports, but with the way this week is going I'm worried about what new horrors might await me there.

My mouth is sore. I just want to crawl back into bed. And I need to to cook some lukewarm mushy food.

Edit: I've had some food (oatmeal with honey) and I feel a little bit better. But I'm still really stressed out. I feel like I'm at the end of my rope but I'm already home so there isn't anyplace else I can retreat too. I need some time to recover. And cry. and do laundry. I don't have any clean clothes. What am I going to wear to the doctor's office tomorrow! Ohhhhhhhhhh!