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March 2018



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Make Magic

Food Planning for Month of February

There are a bunch of Recipes I want to try. I may not get to all of them... I probably won't get to all of them. But I want to write them down so I can see them.

Char Siu Pork
Swedish meatballs
File Gumbo with Shrimp and Andule sausage
Beer Soup
Cheddar Ale Soup w/ Pumpernickel toast
Rye Bread
more beer cookies, Different flavors, different recipes: Pumpkin, chocolate
Chocolate and vanilla pudding recipes
Roman Egg Drop Soup
Kung Pao Chicken
Pad Thai
Thai Grilled Chicken
Chicken Pho
Thai Lettuce Wraps
Pepper Jelly
Cornstarch clay, Flour Clay,
Hazelnut Biscotti
Pecan Cracker Pie
Hazelnut Anise Cookies
Bittersweet Chocolate Snowballs
Soul Cakes
Pear Ginger cookies
Andian Bread Babies
Clam Fritters
Clam dip
Clam Chowder
Bacon Apple Cheddar Pie (I need to make this at Songs house)
Pecan Butterscotch Blondies
A Mess of Pottage
Magic Crust Custard Tart
Mushroom Mousse


I hadn't heard of char sui pork before, but I looked up a recipe and it sounds delish!

That's a great list. I loooove spanakopita.

Do you have a good recipe for pho? I've never tried to make it at home. I'm in the mood for soups lately.
I had Pho for the first time today. I had been hearing about it for a while. It was very good. I look forward to having it again and trying to make it at home.

My aunt sent me a recipe that she uses but I haven't tried it yet.

Do you have a good recipe for Spanakopita? I love it but I don't have a "tried and true" recipe.
Unfortunately, no. I've had it at restaurants, but I've never made it--it makes a lot. I've been cruising the foodnetwork.com site for good recipes, tho'.
I'm trying to decide what recipe to include in the cookbook. I've seen a version where it's made into individual servings that are triangular packets of phyllo dough stuffed with spinach. It should freeze well. You could make a batch and freeze it in individual servings.

I haven't made it often because I thought phyllo dough was a pain to work with. But I did a project a while ago, wrapping brie in phyllo dough, and it was not difficult at all.