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March 2018



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Make Magic


B took me out to lunch today at Saigon Kitchen in Ithaca. We usually go to Garcia's But I wanted to try Pho. I have been hearing a lot about Pho and not yet tried it. After looking over their menu I decided that I wanted to try the House Special Beef Broth Pho (Dac Biet): Rare eye round steak, brisket, tendon & meatball. B ordered the Summer Rolls (Goi Cuon) and let me have one.

You get a huge bowl of soup! I think it was a full quart. Enough for two people at least. I took a pint home. The Pho comes with a small plate of mung bean sprouts, lime, and Thai basil. With a little dish to mix the hot sauces in for dipping. There are four sauces on every table: two chunky red pepper sauces, one smooth red pepper sauce, and one Hoisin. B joked after the third server came over and explained the sauces to us. The hot sauces are red the Hoisin is brown (unlike the Indian sauces where the green one is hot the the red one is mild). I actually used a bit of two of the hot sauces. I really liked the tendon and meatballs. The steak and brisket are added to the broth raw and cook from the heat of the broth. That was really cool to watch.

I had an iced Vietnamese Creamed Coffee (Ca Phe Sua) Authentically prepared with condensed milk. I love Thai Iced Tea so I thought I would like this. It tastes like coffee candy, but a bit bitter.

For desert I ordered the Rainbow Drink (Che Ba Mau) An authentic Vietnamese dessert layered with sweet red beans, green jelly, yellow mung bean paste, black tapioca bubbles, coconut milk, crushed ice and topped with peanuts.
Here is a picture

It's really cool. I had already stirred it a bit before I thought to ask B to take a picture. Next time I will get a picture first. But the green layer didn't really look like grass until I stirred it.

I look forward to going there again and trying something else.


Yum! Whenever I finally get back to a Vietnamese restaurant, I'll have to see if they have Rainbow Drink. Sounds delish!
It was quite fun.