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March 2018



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Another busy day

Book Group today. Anne asked me to make Baked Rice Pudding with raisins. I used my recipe from the family cookbook. It is usually just something to do with left over rice, but Anne asked for it and I didn't have any leftover rice so I cooked some just for the pudding. She was pleased with the results. It was exactly what she wanted.

I've been trying out different ways to cook brown rice. So far I have tried two processes and both have produced overcooked (exploded) rice. I will have to keep on trying. I am pleased with my white rice process, it produces consistently good results. (I just had an idea for a raisin custard tart with a rice crust)

Last night I made up my first batch of Char Siu Marinade and started the pork marinating. When I got back from group I started cooking the pork. It had to start at 450F and when ever I set my oven for >400F the fire alarm in the living room goes off, so I had to open the widows until I got to the second stage where I could turn down the oven to 350F. It really should be cooked outside over a charcoal grill. I will have to see about doing again in summer at Song's. This batch of Char Siu is ok. I think I bit of chili sauce or 5-spice powder would improve the flavor. I bagged it in 1 lb portions for future use. Now I just have to make Char Siu Boa (steamed buns full of BBQ pork).

Speaking of spices I found a source for Sichuan Peppercorns, Ceylon Cinnamon Powder, and Grains of Paradise. They have good prices and free shipping for orders over $10. I can get free things for recommending people so let me know if you are interested. They give you 1oz of free spice with each order.

I hear we are supposed to get snowed in tomorrow. So it looks like I will be hanging out in the apartment cooking and working on projects.