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March 2018



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reject reality

The Religion of Athism

I was just reading this article Richard Dawkins Gets into a Comments War with Feminists BY Caitlin Dicksom, JUL 6, 2011.

First of all Richard Dawkins is an asshole. He can deny it all he wants but his argument boils down to "She didn't get raped so she shouldn't complain."

I had not been aware of the misogyny in the Atheist community. Although since it is a community dominated by men I should not be surprised. Unless members of a minority group hold positions of power their issues will not be addressed. Aside from Richard Dawkins totally ignorance of the problems women face in our society we have comments on this article such as "Fugly Nerd-girl Feels Need to Publicize the Fifth Official Time Anyone Tried to Hook Up With Her." Characterizing any woman who complains about how she is treated as ugly and frigid is a typical patriarchal tactic. There is more of the same in the comments to her video post.

She isn't accusing the man of assault, she is mostly accusing him of being clueless. He had just listened to her give a lecture on not sexualising women and he asks her to come back to his room with him "for coffee". He totally didn't get it. Those men who claim that an invitation for coffee at your place doesn't mean sex are being willfully disingenuous. Any woman who doesn't know that is in danger of being raped. When you approach a woman keep in mind that there is a one in four chance that she has been raped, and will therefor treat you like a dangerous animal. If you don't like that, do something about the rape culture in our society.

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Straight White Male: The Lowest Difficulty Setting There Is MAY 15, 2012 BY JOHN SCALZI
Objectification suppresses women’s desire to engage in social activism, study finds

But that is just normal patriarchal misogyny. There is nothing new there.

What interests me about this fight is the complaints from Atheists that their community is displaying on the same behaviors that they criticize in "religion", namely: clergy (privileged persons), dogmatism, taboos, and persecution of heresies. I've been trying to point that out for a long time. Atheism does have dogmas, taboos, and clergy just like any other religion. It is ironic that Atheist men can only only see dogmatism when an oppressed minority (women) is asking for respect in their community. Although, perhaps I'm reading too much in to their arguments. It may just be that in the Atheist community the best way to attack any opponent is to claim that they are behaving in a "religious" manner. That would be consistent with their belief that all "religion" is inherently evil. Ah, well.


My sister is an atheist who worships at the Altar of Carl Sagan. She doesn't proselytize but does mock her husband's Catholicism... but I'm not really sure if that's an attack on religion or just an attack on my brother-in-law being a tool in general. But yes, her lack-of-belief system does have doctrine, dogma, and all the things religions have.
wonderfully thought-provoking stuff- thanks for sharing! Actually helped take my mind off myself for a bit. A lot of this gets even more interesting when you factor in age, as the way elderly women are treated vs. elderly men has interested me for years. I wanted to do a study in nursing homes, on the difference in how long it took a woman's call bell to be answered rather than a mans, but it only took a few weeks working in that environment to see the "straight white male" privilege does not stop when we become senior citizens. How often I heard "SHE can wait" and how seldom "HE can wait!" This in an environment where women outnumber men at least 8 to 1. Wouldn't it seem in a female-dominated workplace, where the primary consumers are predominately female, the power balance would be a bit more rational? Yet, again and again, I saw men being treated so much better than women-even though their behavior was often atrocious! I despair- is it possibly ingrained in us?