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March 2018



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Settling In

Mom has left to catch her plane, so it will be just me and Dad for a week.

I'm thinking Ravioli for dinner. Maybe some Navy Bean Soup for lunches, with a nice beer bread.

Mom left lots of meat in the freezer and wrote me up some suggestions for meals. I think things will go fine, Although my knees are already hurting from walking up and down the stairs. I will have to watch that. I would love to be able to just stay on one floor but my room is on the first floor and the kitchen is on the second floor. Dad pretty much lives on the second floor.


I hope the experience of caring for your dad goes well for both of you. I have some Traumeel cream if you want it for your knees- it works great! It's also available at Down To Earth- it's an arnica-based muscle rub that works very well. Good luck!
Thank you.

When I talked to my doctor about the pain in my knees she sent me for x-rays. You can see on the x-rays where the bones are rubbing against each other. As my doctor said when she pointed that out "That is going to hurt".

Does Taumeel cream work on that kind of problem? It isn't really a muscle problem.

BTW Would you like to drop by and visit? I had thought I would be able to visit my friends while I was here but my main responsibility is to make sure dad eats regular meals and takes his medications, which doesn't give me much time to get out of the house.
I was actually planning on calling Sammi and asking that very thing! I have a chimney appointment Monday morning, 9 am, and I'm supposed to go to RBD's Thursday for lunch and mice, but I'm free Tuesday and Wednesday mornings!

Sammi? What say you?